Five Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In The Republic Of Ireland

Five Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In The Republic Of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is a beautiful country set on the edge of Western Europe. It is wonderfully rich in culture with a fascinating history and romantic landscapes.

Eire is a land of greenery, mountains, romantic castles and beautiful landscapes. But is also home to one of the most expensive cities.  Indeed some of the most expensive places to buy property are here and include the following locarions:


Kilkenny is the medieval town in south east Ireland. This town has deep religious roots, including many churches and monasteries. It is famous for its majestic castle and a bustling craft industry.

There are some nice shops in the town and good nightlife. Though it is the smallest city in Ireland, because of its busy business sector, property can be expensive with an average price of 550,000 EUR.


Coming in at number 4 is Limerick, which is the third largest and one of the oldest cities in Ireland. Although it is not considered a tourist hotspot, it is a charming place with extensive historic history and beautiful countryside. You can go to mountain biking and experience Shannon River.

Statistical analysis has shown Limerick to be most expensive out of four major Irish cities. The average price of the luxurious property is about 1,000,000 EUR, while some beautiful apartments can be bought for around  600,000 EUR to 1,000,000 EUR.


Galway is a very small city, but it’s full of life and great places to visit. It is a harbour city on Island’s west coast and is the cultural heart of Ireland being known for its music, art and literature. Many people are naturally attracted to this city and come from all over the world to celebrate cultural festivals here.

Five Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In The Republic Of Ireland

Although Galway is cheaper than Dublin, it’s still a very expensive city to live and buy property, and you can buy a luxurious family house in Galway for about 1,200,000 EUR. While some properties can be bought in the region of 800,000 EUR.


Cork is the second-largest city and is located in the south-west of Ireland. Cork is famous for its food, and you can enjoy amazing meals in its fantastic market. It is a compact city which can be explored with ease. There are prettiest seaside towns, beautiful visiting places and amazing road trips.

Luxurious property can go up to 2,500,000 EUR in Cork. If you are looking for an upmarket place to live, then this place can provide you with some high end apartments and houses.


Dublin is the capital city of Republic of Ireland and its situated-on Ireland’s east coast at the aperture of river Liffey. Dublin is a very beautiful and warm city and it is famous for its friendly and welcoming people. It sits on the banks of the River Liffey.

Dublin though is considered as the most overpriced and expensive cities in the euro area, especially when it comes to property. It is ranked as the most expensive city in the eurozone.

If you are used to a luxurious lifestyle, then you can buy a beautiful and exclusive house for about 3,900,000 EUR. Some houses can be bought for less price while some can be more costly depending upon the location and size of the house.