Paralegals are sometimes considered the lawyers’ assistants. However, a paralegal’s job requires a high level of preparation and professionalism to achieve the desired goals, and no one can deny the importance of a paralegals duty. A paralegal carries out many administrative activities and tasks in any specialized law firm. Paralegals must always benefit from a standard level of competence for their job. Paralegals Toronto work under the Law Society’s supervision and follow the Law Society Paralegal Rules of conduct.

The Paralegal Rules of Conduct clarifies the paralegals’ responsibilities related to the terms of competency, professionalism, and honesty. Confidentiality with clients is an essential characteristic of paralegals. Paralegals must also report the Law Society misconduct like when a licensed lawyer or paralegal or a legal service organization or corporation breaks the Law Society rules.

Legal document preparation is usually one of the paralegals’ duties. They also do research precedents in some cases. Supporting a standard procedure or managing a defense plan in a court are among other paralegals’ tasks. We should also note that a paralegal must be licensed to represent their clients in a legal procedure such as a court.

Although Ontario, Toronto paralegals are allowed for law practice, there are some restrictions for them. They can help their clients in small claim courts, minor provincial offenses, labour law issues, etc. Paralegals are not permitted to represent their clients in cases related to federal crimes, inheritances, and family courts. In all the mentioned cases, a licensed lawyer is needed to interfere.

Paralegals must professionally interact with their clients and cope with all their duties. As we have mentioned above, sometimes a paralegal does office activities and paperwork, such as a witness interview, maintaining records of different cases and clients, and document filing.

Paralegals and lawyers somehow require similar degrees and the state of professionalism to start working. A person who wants to become a paralegal possesses at least a law bachelor’s degree. It is also essential for a paralegal to be aware of legal principles and procedures. Good educational background is always a necessity. Besides, being experienced is vital for a paralegal, so they pass required trainee and internship courses to get experienced in their job.

All paralegals are always under the Law Society’s supervision, and it makes the clients sure that they have an acceptable professional competence, educational background, and experience.


What Skills Does a Paralegal Need?

Paralegals should be excellent in communicating with people since they must present the information to others professionally and flawlessly. A paralegal needs to be capable of doing useful research and solving the most challenging problems. Computer skills are typically required for a qualified paralegal. Besides all these skills, paralegals must be responsible and honest toward their clients as morality is sometimes more important than anything else.

A Paralegal Primary Tasks

Paralegals gather all the required information for different cases. They also prepare legal documents and affidavits for their clients.