10 Successful PWA Examples Around The World

best pwa examples

Several businesses have invested in Progressive Web App and proved that it was the best decision that they made for the growth of the company. This post will discover the PWA examples from different countries in the world to evaluate whether this technology is truly effective in improving users’ experience or not.

If you find the list of benefits or features from PWA inadequate to show its impacts on online sales, take a look at 10 Progressive Web App examples to see what they got from this technology.

Let’s dive in!


Online Exchange (OLX) is a trading platform that allows users to make the purchase of products from various categories (fashion, real estate,…) across countries. It aims to optimize the limited resources available in the world and create more efficient trade.

With the original website, the firm saw a drop in users’ engagement from the website and decide to improve the performance by installing Progressive Web App.

This technique has created massive changes to the online store. The bounce rate dropped by 80% and the click-through rate on ads appearing on the site nearly doubled. Users’ engagement also skyrocketed by 250%.


This is the largest food ordering and delivery service company in China serving more than 260 million users with 1 million restaurants in partnership.

PWA has improved the loading speed for all pages. It is also easier for consumers to see the menu in offline mode. They can view the dishes from any store that they visited before regardless of the Internet connection quality.

Also, the site makes it faster to order foods so the time to wait for the meals to be delivered also decreases. El.me works well with a 3G network and it takes only 4 seconds to load the page on average.


PWA websites have become more popular among eCommerce businesses all around the world. The largest eCommerce platform in Africa, Jumia, has decided to integrate PWA on their shopping site and the results were great.

In this region, users mostly use 2G or find it costly to purchase a data package. Hence, they have limited access to a high-quality connection. For the old website, it takes a longer time to load the pages and the images may be displayed in low-quality conditions with a slow connection.

PWA has solved all of these issues by enhancing the loading speed. The site performance improved with a lower bounce rate (decreasing more than 50%). Other outcomes to mention is a rise in conversion rate by 33% and the number PWA users exceeding those installing native app.

Special Milano

The fashion industry is another sector that sees upgrading to PWA stores as the perfect solution for its business development.

Special Milano, a premium sneakers retailer in Italia has upgraded its store with Progressive Web App.

High-quality images are now loaded instantly. This feature is really important for a fashion store as customers base on images as a key determinant to decide whether to order or not.

Background sync allows orders in offline mode which helps lessen the number of orders failed due to the quality of the connection.

Peter Jackson

This is the UK accessories retailer of several famous brands including Michael Kors, Links of London, Raymond Weil,…

Improved features from PWA like push notification, add to the home screen,… leads to the store’s revenue rising by nearly 90%. Also, the transaction increased by a half indicating the better performance of the online store.

La Nature

La Nature is one of the best PWA examples from Russia, working as an eCommerce platform for fashion and jewelry.

The loading time drops with PWA installation. Also, the better quality of the site has brought about better feedbacks from customers about their online shopping experience.

UK Meds

PWA has even reached the pharmacy sector. UK Meds, one of the top PWA website examples, is a medical provider which aims at those who are either too busy or live too far away from any drug stores.

Since then, the revenue has risen by 39%; transaction also increases by 65%; a higher conversion rate is another positive outcome from installing PWA.


Woonect is a distribution channel of Japanese products across the globe. To enhance the user’ experience, the site has installed PWA to produce a longer session duration rate and faster loading speed.

With these advanced features, the store also reached higher revenue (80% increase) with a higher conversion rate (86% more than the original online store).


The real estate industry also found this technology effective in engaging its users.

Padpiper is one of the top platforms for students to find the right rented house for their school year or internship. It is also a good place for landlords to find potential tenants.

Landlord profiles are verified and checked carefully to avoid scamming. Students would encounter no risk of losing their deposit or being kicked out of the house during their rental period.

Besides, there is a review section available for renters to know more about the house or apartment that they are moving in.

PWA has improved the speed of loading the site. It takes less time to view images of high quality. Zooming in and out to have a clearer picture of the house can be done within a few seconds.

For preloaded pages, the waiting time is nearly zero which makes it faster for pupils to find the appropriate rental place.

The Hour Glass

The Hour Glass, an international luxury watch brand has used PWA on their web to bring a better experience to the customer.

This technique has brought along the lightning loading speed regardless of the quality of connection. As a result, the transition from the browsing stage to making a purchase online becomes way faster than before and sales improved.

High-quality images are key to let the visitors imagine the products. However, the better quality of images means a longer time to wait for pages to load. Progressive Web App makes this less of a problem by minimizing the loading time.

There are 100 more Progressive Web App examples here.

Wrapping Up

We hope that through 10 PWA examples, you can understand how PWA works on real websites and see the way this development technique can improve the online shopping experience.

The next step in the PWA development process is to have a plan to estimate the budget and time spent on the development process. As this can be rather complicated, asking for advice and work with the PWA development agency is a good idea to get the best solution to the current website.