5 Best Value for Money Solvent Traps by Armory Den

Solvent traps are legal accessories for cleaning firearms. They are available in different materials including stainless steel solvent traps. The law doesn’t allow any modification, alteration, or redesigning of a solvent trap into any device for another purpose. More importantly, users should buy solvent traps only from authorized dealers.

Here are 5 of the best value for money stainless steel solvent traps from Armory Den:

7’’ Aluminum 1.45’’ OD Solvent Trap Kit With 9 Stainless Steel Cups

This solvent trap comes with nine stainless steel cups and a sealed end cap. It also features a 5/8 x 24’’ and ½ x 28’’ thread mount. A best-seller on Armory Den’s website, this solvent trap also has a hard-coat finish used for military application.

The sealed end cap and thread mounts are made of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum, which is great for overall balancing and a flawless fitting. The 7’’ Aluminum 1.45’’ OD Solvent Trap Kit is currently priced at $139.49. This offer is valid until October 14.

10’’ Aluminum 1.75’’ OD Solvent Trap Kit with 9 SS Cups

This stainless steel solvent trap is a longer version of the 1.45-inch OD Aluminum Solvent Trap kit. With improved features, it’s a more affordable option that offers a viable solvent trapping solution. It’s also very reliable across a wide range of calibers.

The 10’’ Aluminum 1.75-inch OD Solvent Trap Kit comes with a sealed end cap with 5/8 x 24’’ and ½ x 28’’ thread mounts. It also includes nine stainless steel storage cups. Its long-term finish and build viability give it an edge over its competitors, especially when trapping a highly corrosive solvent. This solvent trap is currently priced at $170.99 offering value for money without compromising on quality.

6"or 7" Aluminum Solvent Trap Tube Kit 1.05" OD - Armory Den

6’’ or 7’’ Aluminum Solvent Trap Tube Kit

This Aluminum solvent trap kit comes with stainless steel cups. It’s an affordable option with guaranteed quality from Armory Den. The 6’’ or 7’’ x 1.05’’ OD Solvent Trap Kit is ideal for those who are looking for a viable solvent trap at an affordable price without affecting the quality. Currently priced at $103.49, it works well for small caliber firearms.

7’’ GR5 Titanium Solvent Trap Tube

The 7-inch GR5 Titanium Solvent Trap Tube comes with an M34 x 1.25’’ thread pitch. This implies that users must buy the thread mounts and end caps from Armory Den to avoid sourcing the accessories externally. The thread mounts and end caps for this particular solvent trap are available from the Solvent Trap Parts section of Armory Den’s website. The 7’’ GR5 Titanium is currently priced at $107.

7’’ AD-EX Aircraft Aluminum Solvent Trap Kit

This solvent trap kit comes with 9 stainless steel CNC storage cups. Currently priced at $224.99, it features a 1.375’’ x 24’’ tube thread pitch that allows streamlined adaptability for firearm cleaning. It’s made of 7075 Aircraft Aluminum with ½ x 28’’ and 5/8 x 24’’ Thread Mounts.

It also comes with 9 stainless steel CNC storage cups and a sealed end cap. It includes a stainless steel spacer that allows a flawless fit and prevents damage during shipping and future transport.

At Armory Den, we offer a wide range of stainless steel solvent traps for different types of firearms. Contact armoryden.com today to get started.

How To Restore Rentals In St. George, Utah

Getting the house in St.george, Utah, is not an easy task. Buying and selling the property is always a significant issue that, at times, is not dealt with by a person. With time things have taken a major change that is why all the ones who are looking for the way in which they can get the property to seek help online. 

With the flow of time, things have taken a major change. That is why people are getting all that they wish to by going online. It is a perfect way to avail all the necessary things within just a fraction of seconds. So, in case you want to get support with rentals in st george, Utah, all you need to do is go online. It will help in getting the right property. 

Online sites and the rental clients

As the competition online is quite high, that is why people at times get confused about which site should they prefer more. There are n number of sites that end up offer the necessary support to people, but opting for the best is quite difficult. Most of the homes for rent in st george, Utah, shops are open online so that the person can reach the required support online.

How are online sites beneficial?

Without a doubt, things have become quite easy with time. That is why all the ones who would like to get the support or service done end up going through the online portal. It is the best way of saving time. 

  • Service: Support with different services is offered all the time, may it be day or night. It is very helpful for all the people who would end up requiring assistance at a different time. 
  • Chat: The companies online are offering chat agents these days. These agents have detailed information regarding different services which are provided online. So, it comes out being the best way in which one can reach the finest service that they might get without any hassle. So, all you need to do is just get in touch with the experts, and they will look forward to your needs if required. If one wishes to make the right decision in getting the houses for rent in St George, Utah, they can contact them.
  • Price: The comparison of cost along with service and support will help in driving to the finest solution. That is why it is suggested that a comparison of different companies on different sites can make up the right solution in a short time.
  • Discount: At times the online rental companies would prefer to provide the cost as low as never expected. It is because fetching clients is the most important thing for them. That is one of the reasons they need to make up with the client base, and it is possible only if the person is offered a low price.

What to keep in mind while looking for St George homes for rent?

Night and Weekly Rentals for Sale in St George Utah

Relying on any new site is not what one has to do. As the time is changing, there might be some fake sites that would end up giving various deals and discounts. That is why certain things need to be sorted before relying on the sites online:

  • History: Give an eye on the history of the company. This is the best way in which one can know what is important and what is not. Getting through the record will even give information about the clients that the company has dealt with in the future. It adds security to the person that the company is not fake and they work better.
  • Information: It is suggested that before opting for the st George houses for rent online, a person should collect the complete details. From charges to the discount, one needs to look into the full detailing option for different services.
  • Cost: Make sure that you do not just settle with the price that the company has quoted. Negotiation about the cost on different grounds is important. This way, you can have ideas regarding various ways in which you can save money.
  • Support: If in case the rental company is not helping with the after service, make sure to rely on the company carefully. Most of the time, after-service support is required so that one can have an idea of different sections. That is why people must opt for the company which is offering chat agents. These agents are the ones who can have all the information about different rentals based on another area. So, make a wise decision by getting in touch with them.

Try and opt for the best company support while looking for a house for rent. There are different pointers that need to be set with complete clarity.

7 Security Strategies that can Safeguard Your Reseller Hosting Business

Reseller Hosting is a cost-effective and efficient way of entering the web hosting industry. As a reseller, you sell hosting services to site owners like any other hosting company. The difference is that you don’t own or manage the servers or infrastructure required for web hosting. Instead, you purchase the best Reseller Web Hosting plan from a parent hosting company, create customized packages, and sell them to your clients.

However, the online world has numerous security threats that can harm your business or impact your client’s websites. Today, we will be offering seven security strategies to safeguard your Reseller Hosting business.

1. Give SSL Certificates to your clients

Most site owners are not technical experts. If their sites face security issues, then they tend to believe that the hosting service is not secure enough. Hence, as a Reseller Hosting provider, it is important to ensure that you educate your clients about steps that they can take to make their sites secure.

This includes offering SSL certificates to them to encrypt communication between their websites and user devices.

2. Offer Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN is an effective way of offloading user requests from your server to the CDN provider. This ensures that malicious requests don’t reach the server and keep the site secure.

3. Implement a web application firewall

A firewall is a website’s first line of defence against online threats. An application firewall is essential in today’s times since most attacks are carried out at the application level.

4. Run regular updates

Another important aspect of ensuring that your client’s sites are protected is running software updates regularly. Make sure that the operating system, database, control panel, and content management system (CMS) are regularly updated.

5. Use CloudLinux

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If you are using a Linux Reseller Web Hosting plan, then you can install CloudLinux that is designed for a multi-tenant environment. It isolates each of your clients in a separate environment with specific resources. This boosts the security of their websites.

6. Scan for vulnerabilities

As a prudent Hosting Reseller, it is important to scan for vulnerabilities and patch them before they are exploited by hackers. This should include security weaknesses on the server and the websites of your clients.

7. Use two-factor authentication

Most hackers use brute force to gain unauthorized access to the server or your client’s websites. They use a common username and password schemes to hack into a user account. By implementing two-factor authentication, you can ensure that even if they crack the password, they cannot gain access to the account.

Summing Up

As you can see, there are many ways to safeguard your Reseller Hosting business. If you are planning to launch Reseller Hosting in India, then ensure that you follow the tips mentioned above and offer a secure hosting environment to your clients.

With most site owners being worried about security, this can go a long way in establishing and growing your business. A secure hosting provider gets good reviews and a brand reputation. Good Luck!

5 Reasons Why Website Security is Crucial in 2021

Website security is the topmost priority of every web hosting service company today. There have been rapidly increasing cases of hackers and malicious attacks hacking websites for sensitive information.

As per an estimate, around 30,000-50,000 websites fall prey to hackers every day, making your website’s security even more critical in this digital and online world. It is essential to protect and keep your website’s data secure.

Website security practices, such as SiteLock Security protect not only your website but also helps it in other aspects.

In this article, we shall discuss five reasons website security is important for every business owner.

Website Security Denotes Competency And Trust

When your website is at risk of getting hacked, your customer’s sensitive information and data also get hacked. This risk can cost a vast amount of money and loss of reputation for your company.

If your business follows good website security practices, it ensures your customers that their confidential information will not get leaked and is in safe hands. This assurance builds trust and competency in the minds of your customers. Loss of trust results in loss of revenue. Incorporating high security is essential to prevent any revenue loss.

Website Security Protects Your Customer’s Data

Many hosting companies incorporate security measures into their systems to protect their customer’s sensitive information. One such security measure is ‘ethical hacking’. Through ethical hacking, these companies try to find out any loopholes or leaks for hackers to get in and access their customer’s data. So if such a leak is found, they immediately fix it to avoid unfortunate consequences.

Website Security is Important for SEO

Search engine blacklists websites with poor to no security measures incorporated. Suppose your website or its IP address is not secure or signifies malicious activity in some fashion. In that case, it significantly affects your SERP (Search Engines Rank Position) ranks and drops it down to the lowest. This blacklist results in your website being inaccessible to customers on regular searches.

This badly hampers the business’s growth as around 95% of organic traffic comes from the search engine. It is commonly found that Google and other search engines let users know if a site is secure or not. Ensure that your website is not one of them, and incorporate website protection for your business.

Website Security Prevents Hackers from Exploiting Your Business

5 Reasons Why Website Security Is Important - Patchstack

Hacking and other malicious attacks are on the rise, and these hackers now target websites broadly and search for common weaknesses and vulnerabilities. When you invest your money and time into security measures such as security patches, SiteLock, plugins, and extensions for secure hosting of your website, you keep these hackers away and prevent them from entering your website.

SiteLock security scans such unethical hackers and removes malware from your website. Lack of such security measures leaves your websites extremely prone to hackers and attackers.

Website Security Helps Prevent Spoofing

When a hacker enters your website, they can easily spoof or mimic your website by tricking users into entering their login credentials and other sensitive information. The entire data is leaked once users log in through such spoof websites.

One essential factor to consider while identifying such spoof websites is to notice their domain name. If the website’s domain name ends weirdly with some random combination of letters and numbers, it most likely is a spoof website.

Summing Up

Website security is worth the investment and more essential than ever. Once your website gets hacked or attacked, it costs way too much money, time, effort, and reputation to clean up the website and get the backup. It only takes a few minutes to search for SiteLock plans and incorporate website security to ensure a smooth and successful business.

Understanding Google Adwords Campaign Management

An online platform that will showcase advertisements, where the market professionals can easily interact with their customers, is what using Google AdWord will entail in the long run. It can be termed as the perfect tool for expanding businesses and improving marketing skills.

On average, Google answers over 2 billion search queries every day and makes it the most used search engine on the internet. Due to its humongous dominance and growing popularity in this ocean, the term “googling” was coined, and it is a verb used for most internet searches. 

To make it among the top search results, sincere and professional SEO efforts are henceforth required. But why will not someone exploit the paid search procedures to direct more traffic towards your website and hence make even more money? 

Google AdWords is the top priority, and Google Adwords can be viewed as an investment bankable like any other such. It will provide you with a sincere opportunity which will help you expand the scope of certain online marketing for your business and, hence, increase your profits.

Google AdWords comes handy and is easy to use if you know the cost and margins of the desired product. Through careful screening, you will surely shoot your returns upon the investment towards the highest of the percentages and will multiply your entire money manifolds. 

Google Adwords ranks advertisements that will be in your budget, click-through rates, and other essential keywords. A user can easily optimize their advertisement campaigns through this paid-search advertising platform called Google AdWords.

Managing a Google AdWords campaign is not an easy task to do. It will always require a lot of research on most keywords, information to match different types and search volumes, which are to be gathered and analyzed even beforehand. 

With this, Google Adwords can produce the desired conversion rate with an extremely affordable price tag. Google AdWords will also manage all the ad extensions, and it uses them to draw even more attention. 

There are absolutely no extra charges for these Google AdWords, and the charges are only according to the CPC (cost per click), which just puts the user in an advantageous position.

Google AdWords will offer several other tools like that of keyword tools that can always help you come up with interesting ideas for determining the keywords and make suggestions. 

Using the Google Adwords tool, you can easily categorize which of the keywords you should use to get more traffic depending upon the competition amongst all the bidders and search frequency. Negative keywords can be obtained, too, to get avoided by being seen by many people who have irrelevant needs.

Optimizing Your Google AdWords Campaigns for Conversions - Odd Dog Media

Google AdWords campaign and optimization can not be termed as a one-day job. It will require your constant attention to small details to be able to use the opportunities well that are presented by google AdWords. 

The management is strict for these campaigns as the company can grow with other customers and get certain higher revenues. In contrast, the money for such a campaign may get drained out even without following proper methods.

Google AdWords needs a lot of patience as it might be a certain long time before you can gain or get any real return value. Each of these segments will involve the work in Google AdWords Campaign and is extremely important for the proper buildup of many other different processes. Once you can jot down the necessary keywords, you can easily generate much better and greater customer traffic. 

Thus the campaign renders are getting beneficial with time. With the required data obtained through this analysis, concentrate on ads that will work and turn off the rest so that your campaign’s performance can prosper.

You can contact a growth hacking agency that can help you in setting up the Google Adwords Campaign Management. 

Restructuring Your House? Know More

Home modeling as always remains a top-notch decision in creating a brilliant atmosphere of the house. The flair that one wants to see in the house often comes deep from within the subconscious mind.

Steps For Incorporation

There are many things that you should know about when you want to change the outlook of your house. It all depends upon your perspective and how you want to achieve absolute perfection. Your imagination and preference play a very important role in the redecoration of your house.

Define Your Ideas: Firstly, you should be aware of how to express your desires or imagination. You should be perfectly sound and should be open up to ideas. When you have figured it all out. Then, express your plan or concerns with another person to get their opinion. Once you have decided to do the changes you want. Then move on to the next step.

Hiring An Expert: Secondly, find a professional who knows how to perform the task at hand. He will give your solid idea into a plan. As a plan acts as a direction thus it’s important to have a sound plan before starting your work.

Never Compromise on Quality: Thirdly, select the best material according to your needs and find the time of completion. This will help improve the quality and integrity of the work.

You should also be capable of doing market analysis of certain types of layouts but at the end it will depend upon your choice and preference. You should also be aware of by-laws and the requirements that you have to get done to get the approval. Trying to work without a permit will cause much more severe problems. You should always be careful or choose an organization that will make sure that all the regulations of the city council are fulfilled before moving on to work,

As there are many professionals in this field of home modeling but most are here for the money they don’t care about you incentives and ideas the only thing they want to achieve is your project at max sales and least cost while professionals like home addition contractor Mountain View  and many others are willing to give you the dream house that you most certainly craze. Their work will fascinate anyone who encounters it meaning more people acknowledging your status and giving you the respect to desire. Be sure to give them a try to feel renewed by their innovative and unique skills.

Top Six traits of a Secured Forex Broker

The Forex market is expanding gradually, and thousands of investors are joining the trading profession. For experienced traders, every technical detail might seem easy but for beginners, the platform may seem overwhelming. As a retail trader, no one can trade individually without the help of a broker. In this article, we will discuss the crucial characteristics of a well-reputed broker so that you can trade with the best. Remember, if you fail to choose the right broker, you will fail to execute your trades securely.


A broker is regulated by the regulatory authorities, and they must take the membership from the regulatory body like FCA. If a brokerage house is conducting their operation without license, beginners should keep a safe distance from them as this type of broker does not care about locality and security.


A reputed Forex broker helps retail traders to deposit their money in a hassle-free way. We should check whether they are utilizing a secure gateway or not. Depositing in a broker’s FX account is very easy. We may go to the deposit page of their website, and after creating an account, the fund can be transferred easily.


Beginners must check the authenticity of a Forex broker before working with them. Investors may check their authenticity very easily by visiting their website. At the bottom of the website, we should find the necessary certification and the membership that will prove the broker’s trustworthiness. Those who are new can learn about the premium broker Saxo by clicking here. As you go through their website, you will learn how professional brokers operate in this industry.


This is a great option that helps you to invest money at a low cost. Leverage works as a loan from the broker. Using leverage, anybody may start Forex trading even with a $10 investment and use leverage to execute big trades. Yes, the surprising thing is that the Forex market provides a 1:10 leverage option, and sometimes 1:100 leverage is also provided to allow you to make the best out of the investment.

Before choosing a perfect broker, a newbie must check what leverage facility the company may provide. Brokers who are providing the highest leverage facility may not always be good. Perhaps, they are luring you in to exploit you later.

Taking high leverage may work as a double-edged sword, and if we are lose when using the highest leverage it can wipe out your account.


Customer support can work as a great way to check the activity of a broker. If a broker provides an immediate response it can be easily understood that he is very active to work with.

Newbies may also call brokers using their phone numbers and check their immediate response. When they receive the call, a beginner investor may ask many questions regarding the execution of a trade. If they answer cordially, it can be easily understood that they are careful about their services and would be good to work with.

Commission and Spread

Most brokers take the difference between the asking price and bid price as their commission, and others charge an extra fee in addition to this. Before working with a brokerage company, beginners must evaluate the charges of that company. It is vital to find this out from the beginning, as otherwise a small amount of commission can cost you, and you may not get a good return on your investment.

At the bottom line, it can be said that brokers can see the helping angel for the retail Forex traders, and for this reason, beginners should be cautious of choosing the right one. Choosing the right can work as the best investment you ever made as you can secure your deposit.

Is There a Good Time to Sell Any Gold Product?

Gold has been performing very well over these difficult times. Most people want to know what if this was the right time to contact cash for gold dealers in your area.  Gold might have long lasting qualities and be very liquid but the price fluctuates a lot so timing is important when it comes to selling. You never really know when you will get a better price for your gold now or later. However, you can let the history of gold prices guide you:

Historical data shows that the price of gold tends to go up at the beginning of the year. It is further bolstered by inflation and uncertainty over the economy.

On average, The first quarter in a year tends to be a good time to sell or it’s the time when most cash for gold dealer see a lot of customers coming to their shops to sell gold in varying conditions i.e. Scrap, jewellery and high quality bullion. However, things can change depending on a lot of factors like some geopolitical tensions, and as we’ve seen recently a global health crisis. So things have been different for the past couple of months. More people find themselves in serious financial hardship and are looking at their gold investment to get through. It’s not only that people lost their jobs but retailers across all economic structures have felt the devastation of the COVID 19 pandemic. Some businesses have had to shut down and let go of their staff that are now joining the throngs of unemployed people joining the millions of unemployed people queuing outside Centrelink, hoping to get something to get through the days ahead.

The price of gold tends to peter off or cool down in the second quarter of the year and then it shoots up in the next season. This then means that historically, the price of gold is good in early January, March April which means that we are now in those months where you stand to get a good price for your gold around this time. Gold is volatile, so, what happened last year or in previous consecutive years before might be different. Bottom line is that: Gold sellers will get the best gold prices at the beginning of the year.

If we have to single out one month that is good for gold, the March is the one month that stands out. Since 1975, the price of gold had been dropping in March. This means the prices are low for gold buyers who are trying to acquire some gold for their portfolios.  Besides March, gold prices seem to plummet throughout the first quarter of the year.

Data shows that since 1975, April to June have been the weakest months for gold prices. The third quarter is usually stronger. When you are selling you need to focus and follow the gold market and when you do.  So, buy when the price of gold is weak and sell when the price is high. That’s not rocket-science logic. People hold on to their gold unless they absolutely have to sell, despite the economic analysis and all that pundits have to say, you should be able to sell your gold wherever you need to.

The moral the story is: Buy during the first quarter when the prices are low and sell towards the end of the year. This isn’t a rule etched in stone.

You are likely to get a better price this year than by waiting till next year. Whatever amount you want for your long-term holdings, buy it this year. Now is the best time as any to sell and get cash for gold your gold.

This article was brought to you by:

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Hobbies that No One Is Ever Too Old to Try

Having a hobby is like taking care of a plant. If you nurture it, your hobby can blossom into amazing things. But if you neglect it, your hobby will eventually die because of the lack of love and care. Your hobbies are the tasks that you turn to every time the world gets a little too much to handle.

It can be as simple as reading a book or as complicated as learning about astrophysics and figuring out what really happened when the big bang exploded. You create your own hobbies, and you do these whenever you have spare time or feel like it.

If a person says that they don’t have a hobby, satta matka they would probably be lying because everyone has things that they prefer to do over other things. Your hobby can be as weird, colorful, bland, or extreme as you want, and no one can shame you for it.

But if you’re searching for a new hobby to try out or a new skill to learn, here are a few recommendations that people of all ages can do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner to the task or if you’re rekindling your previous love for it. You are welcome here.

Play a Musical Instrument

You are never too young or too old to learn how to play a musical instrument. If you have the resources, you can seek guidance from professional musicians. Or you can teach yourself with the available materials you can find online.

To begin learning, you can register for beginner guitar or piano classes to learn the basics of the craft. There are also lessons for different instruments like the cello, trumpet, drums, or saxophone. You have to research where you can find teachers who specialize in whatever instrument you want to learn and master.

Discover the World of Food

You are never too young or too old to enjoy the wondrous world of food. You can begin your journey as a food enthusiast who savors each bite of food that enters your mouth. Every time you eat, try to analyze the history of the food and the process of how it was made.

Once you’ve trained your taste buds, you can try to recreate the dishes you liked best. You can learn how to cook or bake as a hobby, depending on the kinds of food you want to make. This is one hobby that can also be very practical because you always need to eat.

Ride on Two or Four Wheels

You are never too young or too old to learn how to ride a bike or go roller-skating with your friends. Learning how to ride a bike is somehow a rite of passage, but so many people never got to learn when they were young. Or forgot because they rarely got a chance to practice it.

But actually, people don’t really forget how to ride a bike because it becomes muscle memory. Once you find the perfect stride, the sky will be your only limitation. And that goes the same for roller skates, which is a bit easier to control because you no longer have a bike you need to balance yourself on top of.

Hone those Artistic Skills

You are never too young or too old to pick up a paintbrush and create art. When you’re learning the craft, remember that it doesn’t even have to be perfect. The only thing your art needs to achieve is to express your emotions or feelings at that particular moment.

Painting is therapeutic in the sense that you don’t need to wow anyone. Your art can be as messy or as clean as you want it to be, and nobody can tell you not to do it. It can also be as abstract as the thoughts that are clouding your mind when you’re stressed out and in need of a release.

Witness the Power of Thread

You are never too young or too old to create art from a needle and a thread. It should also be said that the art of knitting, crocheting, or sewing is not a gendered activity. Anyone should enjoy the craft without being told that they are too feminine to do so.

The ability to create a sweater, a dress, or a quilt out of just spools of thread or yarn in itself is already a great achievement. It’s also not an easy skill to master because there are certain techniques that you’ll have to learn before you can begin the craft.

Finding a new hobby, being determined to learn it, and actually practicing it is one of the greatest activities we can do to pass the time. A new hobby can be hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be on your way to creating amazing things. All that takes effort, but it is well worth it in the end.

Scams, Scams and More Scams

We have written many times previously on this subject but sadly, illegal activities by the unscrupulous continue to blight the financial landscape – a problem that seems to have worsened dramatically through lockdown as criminals target the more vulnerable. With a new year and hopefully a new outlook for later in 2021 the industry needs to do all it can to protect clients and consumers from these forms of scams. The best way to do so is to understand the ways in which scams work and I have outlined below some of the latest audacities:

Data from Action Fraud revealed clone fraud victims lost £78m to scammers in 2020, with reports to authorities rocketing during the first national lockdown.

On average people lost in excess of £45,000 to online fraudsters. The data also revealed that reports of cloned firms increased by nearly 39% from April to March last year as scammers took advantage of worries regarding the first Covid-19 lockdown.

As an example, news has shown of scammers who appeared to be acting as a fake St James Place adviser called Richard Thorpe, offering support and guidance relating to bonds and have even set up a fake duplicated website called ‘Bond Compare’. This was reported to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in November 2020 but at the time of writing, the FCA have not acted to shut it down.

An adviser in Hull managed to uncover a Covid-19 vaccine-related fraud. The IFA said that two of his clients came close to losing money after they received texts offering them an opportunity to get the vaccine.

There is the old motto that if something appears too good to be true, then it probably is. Investing in something that seems exotic and mysterious may be tempting in these rather dull and mundane times, but they are generally very high risk. These types of investments (such as overseas properties, renewable energy, forestry or biofuels) often sound credible and like they should be a safe investment. However, even if they are legitimate, once the funds have left the UK, they could be very hard to retrieve with regulation not being as strict elsewhere; in many countries, the money could be used for illicit purposes and nevermore to be seen.

Cold calling is now officially banned for pensions, but the legislation is only enforceable for those calling from the UK or offering UK services. For calls starting abroad, the regulator is somewhat toothless in preventing or prosecuting these scammers. Targeting through cold calling is not new, nor is it isolated to pension funds, but pension funds are one of the largest investments that people will ever accrue, so naturally they are very appealing to scammers. The FCA has identified 30,000 instances of unregulated activity in the last 12 months. The callers won’t automatically be asking to access pensions and pass the funds to them directly; however, they may be trying to engage individuals further by visiting a website or agreeing to take pension advice from them. The cold call will normally just be the start or lead into another more elaborate scam.

The internet is riddled with fraudsters offering wonderful schemes, but they are only trying to trick you out of your money. A growing number of Instagram users have lost money to these fraudsters posting on the social networking service. These get-rich-quick trades come with promises of immediate profits so may seem very attractive. With a lot of young people looking at social media every day, scams like this are now more common. It is easy in the comfort of your own living room to be sucked in wanting to believe it and wanting a new lifestyle, especially these days with young people struggling to get jobs. Increasingly, more people are looking at different and varying ways to make more money.

There are billions of social media accounts and algorithms aren’t clever enough yet, so we can’t rely on computers to sift out the bad stuff. Social media companies have got a raised wall up against them. We would actively advise investors to only deal with financial firms that are authorised by the FCA.

We would encourage social media users to never part with money when they are dealing with somebody they don’t know. Sometimes it’s just a case of doing a simple reality check and a little common-sense research. Who is behind the person or company, are they officially registered, have you looked at on-line testimonials and reviews? Before clicking the ‘go’ button, if you are in any doubt whatsoever, show everything to a close relative or trusted friend for their opinion.

Stay vigilant.