Do Our Intestines Contain Germs?

The human gastrointestinal tract comprises approximately 100 trillion germs mostly are bacteria but viruses, fungi, and protozoa also exist in the human gut. These microorganisms complement the microbial environment that carries out their specific functions. The presence of good bacteria for example Bifidobacteria or Lactobacillus bad bacteria such as Staphylococcus, Clostridium perfringens, E.coli, work synergistically in balanced harmony to provide the maintenance of the digestive system, thus providing energy and protection against foreign particles. There are many ways to improve the wellness of your intestines such as through nutrition or supplementation.

The Role Of Bacteria Colonization In The Gut

The human stomach contains high acidity and not all microorganisms can survive except a few bacteria that play an important role in the defensive system, metabolic, and nutritional activities. Resident bacteria, which resides in the intestine serves as the first line of defense against foreign material to prevent any disease from invading the wall of the mucosa. Colonization resistance is a terminology referred to as the protective mechanism performs by bacteria for many critical functions. For example, commensal bacteria such as staphylococcus act on the immune system of the host to induce protective responses to prevent the entrance of the pathogens. These bacteria compete for available nutrients in ecological niches, thereby maintaining the collective microenvironment activities through mutual relationships. A study has demonstrated bacterial colonization was found to be significantly lower in persons with inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, atopic eczema, obesity, and diabetes. To summarize, bacteria diversification in the gut is resilient to environmental stress, thus reducing the possibility to be infected with the disease.

What Are The Factors That Disturb The Good Bacteria In The Intestine?

Your Digestive System: 5 Ways to Support Gut Health | Johns Hopkins Medicine

The presence of good bacteria and bad bacteria must be at homeostatic balance all the time. However, the overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine can cause many problems. For example, the presence of Helicobacter pylori is a type of gram-negative spiral bacteria that resides in the wall of the mucosa can cause chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, or gastric cancer. Additionally, the large intestine is the habitat of the most diverse bacterial ecosystem found in the human body. Antibiotics, stress, and parasites are common factors that disturb the microbial population in the large intestine.

How To Maintain A Healthy Gut?

The implementation of a healthy diet is the best way to improve the function of microbiota in the gut. The consumption of dietary fiber helps to shift the favorable environment thus maintaining a healthy intestine. Ideally, fiber is the key nutrient for a healthy gut. Increasing your fiber intake can change the type of microorganisms in your gut in a few weeks. Fiber contains prebiotics that is commonly found in natural foods of complex carbohydrates such as banana, whole wheat food, onions, asparagus that are not broken down by the digestive system. In fact, it is taken by healthy bacteria in the intestine to maintain a healthy defense mechanism.  As the bacteria consume fiber, it produces byproducts of short-chain fatty acids, that offer a number of health benefits such as improving the immune system function and lowering inflammation.

Based on a study that has been published in a Journal of Translational Medicine, prebiotics that mostly obtained from cultured milk such as yogurt contained good bacteria such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus work in an orchestrated manner in the gut has the potential to reduce the LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and total cholesterol. A different study has shown prebiotic supplementation able to reduce the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis, respiratory tract infections, pulmonary exacerbations of cystic fibrosis, and eczema in children. It also helps to improve cardiometabolic parameters and reduce serum C reactive protein concentrations in patients with type 2 diabetes. To conclude, your diet is the main factor that influences the diversity of bacteria inside your body. Therefore, make sure you eat healthy food to maintain your general wellbeing.

How Pure CBD Oil are Helpful for Longer-enduring sex.

How does CBD influence charisma? To see how CBD may help your sexual coexistence, how about we return it to how analysts think CBD chips away at the body. Inside your body are little receptors that are essential for an entire framework researchers call the endocannabinoid framework (ECS). Consider these receptors the locks that the key – for this situation, pure CBD oil 1000 mg– can actuate.

While CBD doesn’t “open” them straightforwardly, it can set off a progression of responses in the body that animate the framework. Through CBD’s aberrant actuation, the body reacts in an assortment of ways, including as a calming and anticonvulsant.

What occurs next is dubious. Some examination investigations have discovered that cannabinoids, for example, pure CBD oil 1000 mg and THC support charisma, while others have observed they decline it.

One article in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics Trusted Source detailed that ongoing weed use in guys brought down sex drive. The more they use, the lower their sex drive is.

Another exploration proposes CBD items might further develop diminishing drive-by tension. Certain individuals have nervousness about sexual execution, which diminishes their drive. Soothe nervousness and the craving for sex might go up.

Therefore, a ton of reports about CBD assisting sex with driving are episodic. Perhaps your companion attempted it and raved about it. However, at that point, your other companion didn’t feel unique whatsoever. Since there isn’t a great deal of exploration that concentrates on explicit to CBD and drive, it’s difficult to say right since it makes a difference.

Does Cbd Have Other Sexual Advantages?

The specific way that pure CBD oil 1000 mg might help ED isn’t completely perceived. One hypothesis is that CBD could assist with loosening up the veins and advancing the bloodstream. A better bloodstream to the penis can calm ED and advance longer-enduring sex.

Helpless oil

For the people who battle with dryness and agonizing sex, adding oil can work on sexual execution and diminish torment. Numerous CBD producers are making ointments that fuse CBD as a way to upgrade sexual delight.

Scientists have concentrated on the impacts of skin CBD as a dermatology treatment. As indicated by a 2010 article in the diary Fitoterapia, effective pure CBD oil 1000 mg has a mitigating impact, which could hypothetically make sex more agreeable. Be that as it may, there aren’t any investigations explicit on CBD and oil.

3 ways CBD can improve your sex life - Healthista

Low sex drive

Another hypothesis is that weed influences sexual longing straightforwardly in the cerebrum. A 2017 study trusted Source of weed clients observed that marijuana actuated the piece of individuals’ minds that controls sexual excitement. The creators reasoned that utilizing pot might be useful for individuals with a low sex drive.

Any Downside To Attempting It?

The likely symptoms of CBD typically rely upon how you’re utilizing it.

Certain individuals might have a hypersensitive response to CBD or the parts used to convey the item, similar to oils or scents. Others report stomach upset, loss of hunger, and weakness subsequent to utilizing CBD, yet side effects are typically gentle. Drug collaborations are additionally conceivable.

In the event that you’re reluctant to utilize THC or can’t get to it legitimately, then, at that point, you can adhere to hemp-inferred CBD. Hemp is the marijuana plant that just holds back following measures of THC (adequately not to cause a high).

Advantages And Viability

The human body has receptors that are important for a complicated cell flagging framework called the endocannabinoid system trusted Source. Specialists accept that cannabinoids can, by implication, actuate these receptors, assisting the body with reacting in different ways, including anticonvulsant, antianxiety, and mitigating.

Notwithstanding, a few specialists are distrustful about cannabinoid viability because of restricted examination.

All things considered; episodic reports recommend that the best strains for sex might be valuable for:

Sexual nervousness

Certain individuals might have sexual execution nervousness, which might keep them from having good sex.

A 2020 article proposes that CBD might play a promising part in the treatment of different tension problems. A recent report likewise observed that grown-up guys taking 300-600 milligrams of CBD had altogether decreased nervousness side effects.

Accordingly, pure CBD oil 1000 mg might be useful for decreasing any nervousness connected with sexual exercises.

Low Sex Drive

A 2017 study trusted Source proposes that pot might actuate the piece of the mind that controls excitement. Hence, pot might be useful for individuals with low sex drive. Then again, a 2015 review trusted Source reports that unreasonable utilization of weed might bring down sex drive in guys.

Helpless Oil

Numerous individual ointments available may now incorporate CBD as a fixing. While there isn’t a lot of examination exploring CBD and grease, the current exploration suggests Trusted Source that effective CBD might diminish agony and aggravation.

Subsequently, those that battle with dryness and difficult sex might profit from utilizing CBD-imbued oils. Notwithstanding, individuals should make sure that the CBD ointment is viable with condoms prior to utilizing both.

Erectile Brokenness (ED)

A 2014 review trusted Source found that the Cannabis sativa plant might improve ejaculatory and sexual execution. Be that as it may, more exploration is important to see how the plant functions.

Specialists accept that it could assist with elevating the bloodstream to the penis. Better bloodstream to the penis might alleviate ED and work with longer-enduring sex.

Things You Should Know About Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that occurs from birth and causes your lungs and the digestive system to produce too much sticky mucus. It can cause clogging of the airways and other systems in the body.

Cystic fibrosis affects the cells that produce sweat and digestive juices. Under normal conditions, your body fluids are thin and slippery. But in cystic fibrosis, they are too thick and sticky. Therefore it does not serve the purpose of being a lubricant. Instead, it clogs the tubes. It happens most commonly with the tubes of the digestive tract and lungs.

Cystic fibrosis is a progressive disease. Therefore the person needs daily care. However, they can go to school or attend work. But some days, they may need to take a break as the symptoms may be too severe.

In previous decades people with cystic fibrosis suffered more than present-day’s people. It is because now more supportive treatment is available. So they can live a better life with more expectancy. If your child has cystic fibrosis, you should visit the healthcare provider frequently. Make sure you attend all follow-up visits. For an expert opinion, you can visit a Pulmonologist in Lahore.

What are the Symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis?

The symptoms of cystic fibrosis vary from person to person, depending on its severity. Even in the same person, these symptoms may exacerbate and settle down, thereby having a variation in them. Some days you might feel close to normal. But sometimes, you may feel worse. However, the common symptoms of cystic fibrosis can be described as follows:

Cystic fibrosis causes clogging of airways, which can, in turn, cause the following symptoms:

  • Wheezing- a whistling sound when you breathe
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Cough with too much and sticky sputum
  • Inflamed nasal passage
  • Recurrent lung infections
  • A repeated episode of sinusitis

In cystic fibrosis, the ducts carrying digestive enzymes also get blocked. Since these digestive enzymes help in the digestion of food, without them, your body can not absorb food and its nutrients properly. Therefore the following symptoms of the digestive system occur:

  • Greasy stools with a foul odor
  • Poor weight gain
  • Slow growth in children
  • Blockage of the intestine, most commonly in infants
  • Severe and chronic constipation can even lead to rectal prolapse- a condition in which a part of the rectum protrudes outside the anus because of long-term straining.

What are the Causes of Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis is a congenital disease that is caused due to a defective gene- called the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene. It causes changes in the protein that regulates the movement of salt in and out. As a result, you have thick mucus that clogs the respiratory tract, digestive system, and reproductive system. Moreover, it also causes an increased amount of salt in sweat.

Discovery could help improve cystic fibrosis treatment | Research UC  Berkeley

The type of gene mutation determines the severity of the disease. To have cystic fibrosis, a child needs to have defective genes from both parents. If one of them passes on the defective gene, the child may not develop cystic fibrosis. However, in this case, they can become carriers- means pass on to their children.

What is the Risk Factor for Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis runs in families. Therefore having its family history is the biggest risk to have it.

What are the Complications of Cystic Fibrosis?

The respiratory tract complications of cystic fibrosis can be:

  • Bronchiectasis
  • Recurrent respiratory tract infections
  • Growth in the nasal polyps
  • Coughing up blood
  • Pneumothorax
  • Respiratory failure
  • Difficulty breathing

Complications of the digestive tract are:

  • Diabetes
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Fatty liver disease and cirrhosis
  • Gallstones
  • Intestinal obstruction

Other complications of cystic fibrosis are:

  • Infertility in men and reduced fertility in women
  • Dehydration
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Osteoporosis- thinning of bones

If you have cystic fibrosis, you can visit a Pulmonologist in Islamabad.

Top 10 Health Issues Millennials Shouldn’t Avoid

There are some chances when millennials are at risk of putting their lives in danger, so make sure they avoid health-related issues. Here in this blog, we are going to share the top health issues. Millennials should have invested in their health to get rid of certain conditions such as major depression, hypertension, high cholesterol and hyperactivity. Let’s have a look and share with us if you keep yourself away from these health issues.

Risk Of Obesity

The growing risk of obesity is increased among adults, and numerous potential problems occur in all age groups. Many of you may haven’t get yourself checked over the years for the long term, and they don’t know how it caused long term changes in the body. Millennials should avoid processed food, maintains weight and also affect other organs of the body. When you get caught in any disease, you all need to know these changes are not reversible. Make sure you people are eating better and doing proper exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

Higher Risk Of Stroke

There are certain factors to be blamed, and the main reason is high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes that cause the severe stroke risk. When the obesity issue arises, then it also increases the risk of heart stroke. Get yourself treated by proper diagnosis and know what essential parameters you need to reduce stroke complications. Ensure you invest in the right eating and stay away from processed and junk food to protect yourself.

Alcohol Consumption

Youngsters are more than in this addiction, and heavy alcohol consumption would cause death for millennials. People with this addiction should get rid of this because it will impact their performance at work or home and trigger blood pressure and stroke complications.  If you want to get yourself recovered from this abuse, then take the help of rehab centers. They are offering various treatment therapies. Alcohol and drug abuse would destruct mental and physical health and could be protected only under certain treatments. Nevada rehab centers are one of the best rehabilitation centers with top-notch facilities, and they would take you out from this mess to live a sober life.

Spinal problems

Nowadays, youngsters spend most of their time on cell phones and other gadgets. Working long hours sitting at the computer and playing video games would cause bad posture and lack of movement. It would also increase spinal problems. Sitting constantly in one posture would trigger so many health issues. We have seen so many millennials who undergo different surgeries.


Chronic stress cause you overweight, and people who are always in stress and depression because of long hours at work their rate of depression and anxiety increased among the younger generation. Ask health experts to help you in reducing these symptoms. They would suggest you bring some lifestyle changes because mental health is an essential part of health. Younger adults are much lazy due to hectic routines, so it’s imperative to make certain changes to a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t Delay In Health Care

Adults need to pay attention to their health, and they shouldn’t delay the health procedure. Get yourself diagnosed and go for primary care because delaying the issues will complicate your health the most. Nowadays, 93 percent of millennial adults won’t pay attention to routine visits, which is not good for you. Get yourself vaccinated for COVID-19, tetanus, HPV and flu. It will help you to get rid of the issues as soon as possible.

Health Issues Millennials Need to Stop Ignoring | The Healthy

Type 2 diabetes

You can have diabetes, and it is common in every woman and man. Increased intake of sugar consumption has made the symptoms more complicated. Many of you are unaware of type 2 diabetes, and do you know it can increase heart disease? Youngsters need to keep themselves updated and reduce the consumption of calories, sweet beverages and fast food.

Brain shrinkage

Take care of your health to keep your mind active and healthy. There are certain factors linked to decline of brain health and if you people have high blood pressure, diabetes, and overweight issues, there are probable chances of nervous system complications. People who have heart disease risk and amyloid deposits in the brain would have dementia issues. The young generation is also involved in brain shrinkage issues because of their poor lifestyle. It would also affect the complications in the second half of the life.

Higher Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is also a common complication among millennials. High blood pressure disorder damages the heart, kidney, blood vessels and brain. Women between 20 to 35 would have high blood pressure complications and need to be diagnosed immediately. If you don’t get yourself treated for high blood pressure, it can cause heart disease in life and cause strokes. Always keep high blood pressure in check to reduce the stroke risk. Women also face high blood pressure issues in pregnancy, and it would be an excellent risk for your health. Having high blood pressure would increase heart problems.

Colon cancer

Increased risk of colon cancer is also scary among the young generation, and it can affect the majority of people. Make sure you are in touch with your doctor. If you see the blood in the stool, then definitely it is changing the bowel habits. Don’t get delay being diagnosed and improve the initial treatment symptoms. Go for a routine checkup and diagnosed it early to avoid the other complications.

These health issues will affect the millennials’ health, so if you people don’t want to indulge yourself in any complications, get yourself diagnosed earlier. Opt for a healthy lifestyle. Go for exercise daily and maintain a healthy weight. Get yourself busy in daily activity for controlling your cholesterol level and blood sugar level.

8 Ways To Prevent Bladder Infections

The main cause of bladder infections is various bacteria and viruses that enter the organs of the genitourinary system. This kind of infection can occur in a person of any sex, but due to the anatomical structure of the urethra. However, women are more susceptible to such diseases than men.

From a medical point of view, treating a bladder infection is not considered difficult, but the disease itself causes severe discomfort. But if you have the disease, you can seriously harm the kidneys, which will require urgent outpatient treatment.

Most often, this infection occurs in people: with insufficient fluid, immobile lifestyle, having a urinary catheter, bladder obstruction, diabetes, and pregnancy. In order not to bring the disease to a critical state, you need to see a doctor at the first signs of infection. Better yet, stick to simple prevention rules.

How To Prevent Bladder Infections?

Here are some rules to prevent a bladder infection.

1. Maintain Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is perhaps the most effective way to prevent bladder infections. Here are some recommendations:

  • When washing and after a bowel movement, wipe the perineum from front to back, and not vice versa, so that bacteria from the rectum do not enter the urinary canal. You cannot use the same piece of paper (napkins) to cleanse the anus and genitals.
  • During menstruation, women should use tampons; they are better able to maintain hygiene, preventing the penetration of micro-particles from the vagina into the urethra and vice versa. But you cannot use tampons for longer than the prescribed time.
  • Avoid using genital deodorants and douching unless recommended by your doctor.
  • Shower or wash every day, and then put on clean underwear. It should be comfortable, properly selected, and made from natural, breathable materials.

2. Go To The Toilet On Time

Bacteria can develop in the bladder for many reasons. The less often a person goes to the toilet, the faster they multiply. Therefore, it is important not to restrain the natural urge to urinate and empty the bladder in time. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to the development of inflammatory processes, infection, and pain syndromes.

Avoid too long intervals between two urinations; on average, you should empty the bladder every 4-6 hours. This is especially important when the infection is being treated. Urination after intercourse will help flush bacteria from your urinary tract and prevent infection.

3. Follow A Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is essential to prevent bladder infections. Avoid alcohol, consumption of tea and coffee, salty and spicy foods. Eat more fruits with vitamin C to strengthen your immune system and foods that contain calcium as it reduces bladder irritation.

Vegetables and fruits in the diet will help prevent constipation, which often causes the development of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. Apart from healthy eating, also avoid using harmful substances such as cocaine, meth, and opiates.

According to research, more than 2 million people abuse opioid drugs, and the numbers are only increasing. Thus, refrain from unhealthy habits that can cause infection and follow a proper nutritious diet to live healthily.

4. Drink More Water

Lack of water in the body can cause various health problems, including the frequent manifestation of genitourinary infections. If your urine is dark in color, your body is most likely lacking fluid. And if you experience a burning sensation during urination, then this is the sign that infection is already actively developing.

When diluted with plenty of water, urine will pass much more easily and more likely to flush bacteria out of the bladder. This is why the treatment of the infection must be accompanied by drinking a lot of fluids (slightly more than usual). Plain water, fruit drinks (especially from cranberries), herbal teas, compotes are best for this purpose. Tea, coffee, and soda, however, will only make the problem worse.

5. Monitor Moderate Physical Activity

Many people know that physical activity should be regular. But some people often forget about the sense of proportion and the correct exercise. Firstly, it is important to conduct sports activities with an empty bladder, be sure to visit the toilet before training.

Secondly, during classes, there must always be drinking water in the access zone. When performing intense exercise, the body quickly loses moisture, which is important to replenish in a timely manner. It is advisable to choose the load together with an experienced trainer.

Can you treat a UTI without antibiotics? 7 home remedies

6. Apply Heat Against Infections

Above all, it is important to adhere to the seasonal dress code and dress for the weather. This is especially true in the autumn and spring months when the temperature outside is often deceiving and changeable.

Do not expose your lower back; wear thin tights or a short skirt in cold weather. And avoid sitting on cold surfaces: stones, wet boards, the ground, and etc. Using warm water bottles against infection might help, so you shouldn’t delay a visit to the doctor.

7. Choose Comfortable Clothes

You should wear loose (not tight-fitting) clothing made from organic and breathable fabrics. Avoid getting too warm in hot weather – thick, tight-fitting trousers or jeans can increase the moisture in the genital area. It creates an excellent environment for bacteria to multiply.

It is better to wear underwear that is strictly sized and made of cotton. Remember that synthetic clothing prevents the skin from breathing and promotes the appearance of moisture, and, as a result, bacteria multiply.

8. Treat Constipation In A Timely Manner

Constipation can increase the likelihood of urinary tract infections, as the overcrowded bowel presses on the bladder, causing it to malfunction. This is why treating constipation early is one way to prevent urinary tract infections.

To reduce constipation, you need to drink plenty of water (at least 1.5 liters per day), as well as include fiber-rich foods in the diet (at least 20-30 g per day). If in spite of everything, constipation continues to bother you, then you need to see a doctor.

Take Away

A bladder infection can really be painful and disturb your life if not treated timely. So you should avoid it from occurring by following the above-mentioned preventive methods. These will not only help in preventing the problem but also stop the infection from spreading.

Are Skin Bleaching And Lightening Products Safe?

Snow white and the seven dwarfs is one of the oldest fairy tales being told, and yet no one seems to mind the problematic notion of skin color and its connection to beauty that this story makes. Countless cartoons and movies have been made on Snow white, and the derivative stories, and each one is being told and taught to the impressionable youth.

Then comes the influence of colonialism, and the characteristic white European skin. The hierarchy established was white skin color is superior to all. And the world is still reeling from its shock.

The question arises in many people’s mind is why is that so problematic? Why can’t people desire fairer complexion, much like they desire a pretty dress and an expensive car. And while that’s fair enough –no pun intended—a pretty dress and striving for better car do not endanger your body, increase risk for cancer and lead to mercury poisoning.

The Dark Side Of Skin Whitening

Bleaching, whitening, lightening, all are phenomenon used to describe changing the skin color from dark to fairer. They work by decreasing melanin in the skin, the pigment that gives it dark color. It this endeavor, people end up using harmful products that then has them rushing to the Best dermatologist in Islamabad.

Skin whitening products are full of dangerous chemicals like hydroquinone, corticosteroids and mercury. Possible complication of skin whitening include:

Mercury Poisoning

Banned in most developed countries, mercury is extremely dangerous for the skin, and yet used in whitening products.  Side-effects of mercury toxicity include lethargy, hypertension, numbness, light sensitivity.

It gravely affects the nervous system, leading to memory loss, mood problems and even tremors. Mercury poisoning can also lead to kidney failure.


This results when the skin reacts to the products present in the bleach and whitening creams. Other than inflammation of the skin, dermatitis results in redness and formation of ulcers.  Skin becomes dry and flaky, swelling and itching of the skin also ensue.

Moreover, people can also have blisters on their skin alongside superficial burns and tenderness of the skin.

Steroid Acne

This condition occurs when corticosteroid is present in the lightening product. It thus leads to acne on the chest, back etc. Its symptoms include white and black heads, zit- like acne bumps that can also cause scarring, and some acne bumps are rather painful as well.

Nephrotic Syndrome

In this kidney disorder, the blood vessels to the kidney, responsible for filtering waste, are damaged. Symptoms of nephrotic syndrome include swelling around the eyes and the ankle, fatigue, loss of appetite etc.

Misuse Of Corticosteroid

Alongside acne, abuse of corticosteroid leads to thinning of the skin, which then becomes more vulnerable. It leads to greater chances of skin cancer. And ironically, it causes skin darkening as well.

Fetal Complications

When used during pregnancy, whitening products can also lead to abnormalities in the newborn baby.

Why Are People Still Using These Products?

While the rationale part of the brain might know and even accept that the use of skin lightening or bleaching is anything but good for it, there are still societal pressures to concede to.

In the micro-level, especially in the Asian context, women who have dark skin are made to feel less beautiful. The fairer counterparts are revered and are taken to be the benchmarks of beauty. This complex about the looks is a big motivator for women, and even men,  to use these products regardless of their implications for health.

Everything, from marriage prospects to status in the family is contingent on the color of the skin. The colonial remnant of ‘white is right’ is so deeply entrenched in the mindset of people, that they are willing to break other people’s spirits and endanger their lives but not backdown from the horrible standards.

Moreover, the impact of skin color is not just contained within the household but is much more widespread. According to research, women who are fairer are much more likely to receive shorter prison sentences as opposed to the dark-skinned women.

In interviews, those who have lighter skin color are also perceived as more intelligent than their darker counterparts. Similarly, women whose skin color is fairer are much more likely to get better career opportunities whereas the dark-skinned women have to play a perpetual game of catch-up merely because of their skin tone.

Job market overall tends to respond better to fair skinned women. All of this is despite the fact that color of skin has absolutely no connection with caliber, nature of crime, intellect. If the society is willing to operate at such illogical levels, people also then have to bow down to the flawed logic as well.

So, while rationally, the dangers of skin bleaching outweigh the benefits, which are not even superficial at best, it is ultimately a personal choice. Instead of using products that are dangerous, visit the Best dermatologist in Lahore and talk to them about your predicament and possible options out of it.

Understand the Reason to Use NMN Powder

In the current scenario, people are aware of choosing the best anti aging products available in the market.  People wish to use promising solution to eradicate wrinkles and aging look. People rely on the best solution that provide true anti aging benefits. People use ideal remedy to reduce cell damage that happens because of stress, environment, disease, and others. The nmn powder is used for different reasons. It is the perfect option for people to gain energy that excellent for cell need to perform. It activates protein and repairs damaged DNA.  It is suitable for different cell process like

  • DNA repair
  • Protect and stimulate mitochondria
  • Gene expression
  • Chromosomal maintenance

It is important for people to understand the potential health benefits of using one. You can access the right form of powder and utilize them in the right way. It offers cell with needed energy. It activates a protein that play important role in managing the integrity of DNA. You can get more information from this link.

Great for the Vascular Health:

Manage vascular health is the main focus of people. This form of powder is a great choice for promoting vascular health. It is better to keep up skeletal muscle for stability, strength, and movement. It allows people to maintain skeletal muscle strong and good condition.  It delivers the ideal amount of energy molecules that necessary for muscle. It produces fatty acids and glucose. It is the perfect solution to solve aging related declines in health. The nmn powder is great for solving oxidative stress, stiffening of the blood vessel, and so on.

You can use the right solution to enhance muscle strength and endurance. You can make sure ideal energy metabolism without side effects. You can keep up healthy muscle in the body and overcome obstacle.  It is a suitable solution for people to combat aging and avoid chronic disease.  It is good for gene expression, metabolism, and energy production.

Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle:

The aging problem can happen in different forms in individuals’ life today. If you face such a problem, you can never worry about it. The problem can happen due to body weight, blood lipids, insulin sensitivity, vision, energy metabolism, and a lot more. It is advisable for people to consume powder with the right dose. DNA plays important role in the body physiological function. DNA can affect by different factors like environmental toxins, unhealthy diet, and aging. You can manage the normal function of the body with this solution.

You can overcome the adverse effects and prevent the problem in an easy manner. It acts as a valuable solution for people to add to their daily routine.  The users can achieve major benefits by using such supplement. People can enjoy great effects on the body and gain more energy at the cellular level, minimize inflammation, protect the circulatory system, and enhance the cognitive function. So, you can opt for the best solution to protect your well-being. You can check here to read more.

9 Benefits of Consuming Lemon Water

Everyone needs a healthy start to the day. Drinking lemon water as the first thing in the day is a simple yet impactful habit. It is associated with numerous health benefits that a person can simply acquire by making sure it’s intake. Drinking lemon water has no serious harm, and everyone can drink lemon water, but moderation is the key to success.

Drinking an excessive amount of it can upset your stomach and may hinder the natural Ph. of the stomach. It may also harm the enamel of the tooth. Diluting it with water is a remedy to protect teeth from counter effects. Keeping in view, benefits do not get too much of it. Make it a habit to use it frequently but in moderation. It will help to get the best results.

Nutrients in Lemon

Lemon is a nutritional fruit. It is a citrus fruit; as the name suggests, it is a rich source of Vitamin C. Some other essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B complex, vitamin A, beta-carotene, folate, calcium, and potassium. So, based on the nutritional value, its intake can help overcome deficiencies associated with some essential vitamins and minerals.

Some Benefits of Lemon Water

There are a number of health benefits that anyone can simply get by ensuring to drink lemon water in routine. Let us have a quick look at its benefits.

1.  Immunity Booster

Lemon, a rich source of vitamin C, is also a natural antioxidant, thus gives a boost to the immunity system. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which help the body fight against germs. Lemon is acidic itself but diluting it with warm water makes it of alkaline nature.

Some serious ailments such as cancer cannot flourish in an alkaline environment. It helps to jump-start the digestive system. Also, it is helpful to wash away toxins in the liver accumulated overnight.

2.  Aids Digestion

Lemon acts as a quick reliever in getting rid of some common digestive issues such as heartburn, indigestion, and bloating. Citrus fruits are an important source of prebiotics. Lemon is the main citrus fruit, is a rich source of fiber called pectin. It is helpful in maintaining a healthy gut as it promotes healthy gut bacteria.

3. Alcohol Detox

Lemon water is a natural detox and helps the body in detoxification. Excessive use of alcohol and drugs can harm organs and systems in the body. If someone decides to give up on drug abuse and help the body overcome adverse actions that have been done by drug abuse, then using lemon water as a natural detox can prove a simple remedy.

It is important to know that lemon water can help overcome mild symptoms of drug abuse. In order to treat a serious drug addiction, using lemon water is not enough, and it cannot replace the need for treatment centers. To help overcome damage caused by drug abuse and to cope with drug withdrawal, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.

4. Cleanses Kidney

Lemon water can help to cleanse kidneys; Lemon contains citrate, which assists in the prevention of kidney stones. Lemon is unique in this ability; orange being a citrus fruit, cannot help in stone prevention. Citrate is also helpful as it makes urine less acidic and helps to break up stones that can easily be passed out with urination.

5. Hydration

Water being the main component of a lemon water drink, is helpful to re-energize and hydrate the body. Water, in addition to lemon, helps to remove toxins and wastes out of the body and to give each cell in the body a nutritious start-up.

Research suggests that starting off the day with lemon water helps in drinking more water throughout the day and thus proves helpful in keeping the body hydrated.

6. Healthy Skin

Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C has antioxidant and skin brightening properties. It helps to build skin collagen. It helps to overcome skin issues such a dryness, damage, aging, and skin wrinkling.

It assists in fighting toxins that result in the breakout of lesions of the skin. It is also helpful in keeping skin hydrated. Using lemon water can help achieve healthy skin goals by providing glowing and radiant skin.

7. Weight Loss

Lemon water drink is acknowledged to aid weight loss. It does so in a number of ways. Lemon being rich in fiber, gives the feeling of fullness and thus helps to prevent overeating. It also helps to get rid of bad fats; this is through the process of detoxification in assistance with the liver and helps the body in its journey to weight loss.

8. Freshens Your Breath

The first thing to start the day with lemon water is also beneficial in keeping a healthy and fresh breath. It helps to overcome issues that result in bad breath. Bad breath in the mouth is caused due to dryness.

A lemon water drink helps to promote saliva production, thus keeping the mouth moist and getting rid of bad odor. It also tastes good and can prove an immediate mouth wash for oral hygiene and freshness in the breath.

9. Cures Morning Sickness

Lemon water drink is extremely helpful, especially for pregnant women. It benefits pregnant women in a number of ways, but most importantly, by helping to overcome morning sickness, Citrus in lemon helps in getting off the feeling of nausea and vomiting.

Lemon water also aids digestion, thus also helps pregnant women with bowel movement and other issues such as constipation which are quite common during pregnancy. It energizes pregnant women to start off the day quite happily.


Lemon water is quite a simple but effective remedy in many ways. It can work wonders no matter whatever the health goals are. It can help people of every age to overcome some major health concerns. It is a simple way of getting rid of a number of health problems quite easily and in a nutritious way.

15 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

Staying fit and losing weight is the dream of many people. Many people, regardless of age, gender, and even body size, will not mind losing a kilogram or two. However, it is not so easy to fulfill this dream. But we have amazing tips for you. Try to incorporate these tips into your daily habits and start watching centimeters melting.

Tips For Losing Weight Effectively

1. Consider The Difference Between Weight And Mass

Remember that while a pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh the same, the latter takes up much less space under clothing. Don’t be afraid to put on muscle weight. Gaining extra muscle can also improve metabolism and control fat storage. So be clear that while losing weight, you should not lose muscle mass.

2. Ignore The Weight Machine

Do not pay too much attention to the numbers on the scales. Instead, it’s better to find out your BMI (body mass index) and measure the volumes of interest with a tape measure. The weight machine can often give incorrect readings. For example, when dehydrated, a person’s weight decreases, but this does not mean the loss of fat.

3. Check For Changes Once A Week, Not Daily

As you check your weight or volumes every day, you may be frustrated by the lack of visible progress. Logging changes weekly will provide a more visible and accurate picture of improvements. Therefore, refrain from taking body measurements daily.

4. Rely On A Buddy

The attention of the neighbor on the way to any goal is one of the factors of success. It can come from family, friends, or even a coach. The mere fact that someone might ask you about weight gain or a workout plan can often help resist the temptation to give up the idea of ​​losing weight.

It is even more effective to have a diet or exercise partner with whom the task of overcoming oneself becomes easier and more interesting.

5. Intensity Matters More Than Time

Stubborn walking on a treadmill for an hour at the pace of an easy walk may not be the best option for losing weight. In one study, the risk of obesity was reduced by 5% for women and 2% for men with every extra minute of high-intensity exercise.

6. Don’t Drink Calories

Carbonated drinks are often high in sugar. These “empty” calories can quickly add to your weight without much fun. Moreover, alcoholic beverages also contain a high amount of sugar, which can contribute to more weight gain. Losing weight is especially tough for alcoholics. They should contact drug addiction treatment services before starting this journey to weight loss.

7. Get More Sleep

When you’re not feeling rested, it can often be tempting to turn to the sweet world for energy. There is a strong link between sleep disturbances and weight gain. Therefore, when you are in the mood for losing weight, make sure that you do not limit yourself to proper sleep.

8. Try To Reduce Stress

In stressful life situations, many people tend to eat too much. Try other forms of stress relief, such as exercise and meditation, to help you cope with difficulties. And avoid over-eating in stressful times.

9. Choose To Eat At Home

Modern man spends a huge amount of money on eating out. One study on this topic shows that for every meal in a cafe, diner, or restaurant, a person gets about 134 extra calories. Therefore, cook your meals at home and avoid going to nearby cafes.

10. Allow Yourself Cheat Days

If you feel deprived of your usual harmful culinary pleasures, you can afford to give up a strict food policy for the day. This is normal and can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long term. However, of course, discipline and self-control are key factors in relation to cheating days.

11. Reward Yourself With Interesting Activities Not With Food

You may have been accustomed to receiving ice cream as a reward since childhood, but now it is worth moving away from this tradition. Instead, choose something inedible but just as desirable or entertaining. You don’t need extra calories to celebrate your own success. It is better to go shopping rather than ordering a burger.

12. Limit Access To Unhealthy Food

Agree; overeating delicious but unhealthy foods is much more difficult if they are not in your home. Empty the cupboard, refrigerator, and freezer of all food that might sabotage your weight loss journey. Only then it is possible to refrain from eating unhealthy food items.

13. Don’t Be Afraid Of Healthy Fats

Contrary to the once-popular movement to reduce fat in all foods, modern scientists are arguing that healthy fats do not cause weight gain. Therefore, you can eat healthy nuts and coconuts without worrying. Eating these natural foods raw can help you feel fuller without adding pounds.

14. Talk Seriously About Your Healthy Diet

Do you have a friend who brings donuts to cheer you up on a bad day? Or maybe your spouse is in the habit of crawling by your side with a bag of potato chips? Have a confidential conversation about your desire for weight loss. Ask them not to tempt you with a non-diet food, but to bring, for example, an apple.

15. Try To Stay Hydrated

Often our body sends signals that we are hungry when in reality, we are simply dehydrated. When a person drinks enough water in the day, the feeling of hunger reduces. If you feel an overwhelming desire for a snack, try drinking a large glass of water and wait about 30 minutes. You may find that your body only needs a little fluid.


We have mentioned easy-to-follow tips that can work for anybody who wants to lose weight. Make an action plan for losing weight from today, incorporate some tips from this article, and enjoy a fit body.

STD Test Helps Find Out If You Have Genital Warts Or Not

STD testing is not usually a part of your routine checkup or yearly gynecologist visit. However, you should always be aware of your health condition. Be completely honest with your healthcare provider or nurse about your sexual lifestyle, so that they can assist you in deciding which exams are best suited for you. Here are few ways you could bring up the STD testing with a physician or nurse:

* If you see a sudden outbreak of any of the following symptoms, it means that you might be infected with an STD. Examples of these symptoms include sores, discharge, itching, rash, or pain while urinating. If you notice any of these symptoms after having sex, you should get an STD test as soon as possible. STD blood tests will determine if you have an infection.

* For those who are sexually active but would like to practice safe sex, it is important to get tested regularly. This is to prevent any unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Consult your physician to schedule an STD test. Some STD clinics offer STD testing at their STD clinics or they send an STD specimen to a state laboratory for analysis.

* When you visit the doctor for STD tests, be ready with information about your sexual partner. Tell your doctor whether you have had multiple partners or not. Also, let your doctor know about all the birth control methods and other sexual activities that you currently use. Your doctor will also ask you questions about your past diagnoses of STD. By being completely honest, you can greatly improve your chances of being diagnosed and treated early.

* Many STD clinics offer testing for sexually active people, even when they have not been screened for certain diseases. In addition, there are several private STD screening centers that offer this type of STD testing for sexually active individuals free of charge. However, it is important that you join a regular STD screening program to ensure that you are still within the risk group even when you are sexually active.

If you feel that you have been exposed to an STD and it has not yet affected you, it is important that you seek immediate treatment at a nearby STD clinic or take a sti test at home. STD testing is always urgent, no matter what stage of infection you may be at. Being untreated can lead to serious complications, such as infertility and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Your health needs to be your number one priority, no matter how urgent your STD symptoms are. By seeing a nearby STD clinic, you will be able to receive urgent STD treatment that can save your life.