6 Gifts To Bring A Positive Aura to Your Loved One’s Day

6 Gifts To Bring A Positive Aura to Your Loved One’s Day

Gifts are easy. You can give anything to fulfil your responsibility towards someone, but if you love and care for them, not just any present will do the job. You have to be choosy and picky for their gifts; you have to consider their likes, dislikes, needs and wants to bring them something good that makes them smile wide. If an occasion is around the corner and you haven’t chosen a gift for your loved ones, try one or more of these suggestions listed below. These gifts are considered to create a cheerful ambience in the house and fill the space with positive vibes.

A Jade Plant

A green jade plant is not only cute but is known to bring prosperity and good vibes to the space it sits in. It doesn’t cost much and is designed by nature to thrive with little or no care. It could also uplift the decor of the space and give it a pop of colour. This will prove to be a worthy gift for someone you love.

A Bouquet of Jasmine

The jasmine flower is not only famous for its sweet fragrance but also for attracting positive energy and the healthy relationship between people. Its soothing fragrance calms down a troubled mind and makes for a perfect beauty gift for your loved one. Don’t forget to pair it with a yummy cake in their favourite flavour. You can even opt for midnight cake delivery in Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and any other leading city of the country through any online bakery such as Bakingo. This pair will prove to be a heart stealer.

A Laughing Buddha

It is one of the best good luck gifts that attracts peace, abundance, joy and wealth as it represents vivaciousness and energy. They are ideal for every occasion and make for perfect home decor. It could be placed in the living room or at the entrance for maximum effect. It is considered very auspicious in Chinese culture and goes by the name Hotei. It is believed that if a person rubs the belly of a Laughing Buddha, it brings them good luck.

A Three-Legged Frog

Feng-Shui says that a three-legged frog with a coin inside his mouth is a symbol of wealth. It is a perfect gift for an entrepreneur or someone starting a new business venture as it will pave the way for a good profit. This imagery is quite common in Chinese decor. This lucky figurine is often made of metal or semi-precious stone like Jade. It has two front legs and one back leg; hence, the name is a three-legged frog or three-legged toad.

A Dreamcatcher

The Native American folklore says that a dreamcatcher filters bad dreams and negativity at its core and only lets positive dreams pass through it. They are made of wool, feather and look beautiful to fit the interiors too. Remember, an authentic dream catcher always comes with thirteen points. The number signifies the 13 moons in the Indian calendar. It should be tied at night, and prayers should be said while tying it.

A Windchime

Yes, those hollow metal cylinders making the sweet sound of music on your windows in your childhood was a way to remove negative energy from your room. The sound dispels negative energy from the space, and their beauty could enhance any type of interior as well. These play a big part in Feng Shui practice. It is also believed that windchimes have a healing effect on the mind, body and soul by relieving stress.

Have you got any good luck gifts recently?