How to Deal with Broken Pipes and Water Damage at Home

How to Deal with Broken Pipes and Water Damage at Home

One of the Homeowner’s responsibilities is to keep up with any unavoidable plumbing issues at home. While your home is constructed with a few pipes that are installed in the kitchen sink, interior walls, exterior walls, underground, in the basement, and even on the ceiling––imagine if one of them bursts and floods your house? Burst pipes cannot be taken for granted since water damage can also cause major costs and may ruin your prized possessions.

Broken pipes can either be noticed right away for major damages but sometimes it’s like a crippling problem that may start from leakage which is hard to be noticed until several weeks or months pass. Aside from destroying your property with water damage, broken pipes can also help in cultivating molds and bacteria and we don’t want that. In the long run, an issue like this can be detrimental to your health for sanitary reasons.

Why Broken Pipes Happen?

If you think of it, water can go in all forms. It may be way smoother than rocks, sand, soil, or other elements but it can be powerful when it comes with pressure. Sudden changes of water pressure is the major cause of broken pipes. Along with other components such as the temperature or other environmental factors. Here are some commonly considered reasons:

1.  Corroded pipes

In this case, pipes are opposite from wine—it doesn’t get better with age. There will come a time that it can no longer handle the “pressure” and just burst into madness. It may differ in some cases, it will start as a minor leak while some just knock you out with an overwhelming water damage and flooding. Hence, it is best to monitor the age and how sturdy the pipes are especially if you are living in an older home. Below are the estimated time when you may need to have your pipes inspected and/or changed:


  • Brass: 40 to 45 years
  • Copper: 50+ years
  • Cast Iron: 75 to 100 years
  • Galvanized Steel: 20 to 50 years

2.  Tree Roots

While it is bliss to live in a residence with trees, it can get real shady sometimes and I am not only talking about how they can comfort us from the beaming UV rays of the sun. Tree roots can also cause burst pipes in your property since they can grow underneath it, bypassing your sewage or underground pipes.

3.  Soil movement

It may be due to geological or environmental factors that the soil erodes or shifts in place, weighing down on your underground pipes which may cause damage and leakage, pooling up water in your property. Once you notice this issue, don’t hesitate to call a professional to handle the plumbing for you since this is a more serious issue that also needs immediate professional attention.

4.  Clogged pipes

When dealing with clogged pipes, it is most likely experienced by everyone the hassle when it comes to maintenance. The most commonly found objects that can cause a clogged pipe include:

a.) hairs

b.) blocks of dirt

c.) mineral deposit
d.) soap
e.) wet wipes

d.) sanitary napkins/ tampons

By reminding the household members or strategically placing garbage bins, you can minimize these unfortunate events. You may also have to make sure that strainers are latched on the drains when in use.

5.  Freezing Temperatures

As frozen water increases pressure within the pipe, freezing temperatures are a common cause of broken pipes. The water freezes within the pipes, resulting in them to burst. What are common with burst pipes? The improperly insulated pipes are the most high risk especially when the temperature falls below zero. Although, homes in warmer climates must not be too complacent since it also happens to homes with no proper pipe insulation.

It can also happen when we least expect it while the weather and temperature could get unpredictable at times, just make sure your pipes are properly insulated day in or day out.

Repairing Broken Pipes

Not only repairing broken pipes is a plumbing issue, your home will also need water damage restoration. This specialized service will help dry up and remove any health hazards caused by water damage. The first thing you need when confronted with this situation is to eliminate the water—hence, shut off the water valve first and foremost.

What to Do Incase of Broken Pipes and Water Damage?

  • Turn of electricity and water valve
  • Call your insurance company to confirm if you have pipe insurance coverage
  • Save your possessions that can still be salvaged
  • Document any damaged stuff
  • Drain and mop standing water
  • Dry up your home and remove any health hazards

Tap the Professionals and Prevent this FOR REAL

In some cases, you may still be able to salvage your property. However, for some water damage accidents, you may need to hire a professional to assess and solve the situation safely. First, they dry up and dehumidify your home, clean up the area, and then fix or replace structural materials damaged by the water.

Situations like this are not a one-man show. After being able to repair and replace the damaged area, you will still need a professional plumber to fix the root of the problem—burst pipes. Trusted plumber will give you an estimate firsthand before repairs. For this to never happen again, make sure to properly insulate your pipes and it will surely go a long way while you can dodge and prevent these water damage repair costs.

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