Is Blue Light Really Harmful To The Eyes?

Is Blue Light Really Harmful To The Eyes?

While spending most of your time in front of digital screens, you are exposed to blue lights. This pandemic has elevated the situation of usage of the screens on a daily basis. You can even get your prescription glasses online.

The Escape

We are much more dependent on the digital world than ever before; it is quite fascinating to learn how the whole world has been functioning by just sitting at their homes. It makes us wonder why we made this hustle our whole life to go to the office. We could have adapted to the same much earlier.

This pandemic has granted our wish to have the longest holiday possible and to work from home. But now, the fun part has been way over, and we wish to move out. One major disadvantage of this pandemic is the harmful amount of exposure to blue light. Yes, we are exponentially being exposed to its ill effects. That’s the reason one switches to the glasses that block blue light. Let us understand blue light.

What is Blue Light?

Blue is nothing but a part of the visible light spectrum, and this light is present around us everywhere. The biggest source of blue light available is the sun, the natural source; and other than that, there are artificial sources as well such as our digital screens and LED lights. We, humans, are exposed to blue light now more than ever due to the widespread use of LED lights.

Are These Lights Harmful?

There is no scientific backing that these lights have extremely harmful and cause damaging effects on the eyes, but yes, there is evidence proving that prolonged exposure to blue light does cause discomfort.

These lights are generally not associated with any harmful effects, in fact, they are more related to memory boosters and even increased attention span. But if you use anything in excess, it has its negative side effects, and the same goes with the blue light.

How Do they Affect the Eyes?

When you are over-exposed to these lights, there are increased chances that you might face issues such as eye strain and fatigue. Many also experience prolonged major and minor headaches as well. Apart from that, there are high chances that you might experience dry eyes as while working on these screens, we generally tend to forget to blink, making our eyes itchy and irritated.

One interesting fact that you would like to know is that, these blue lights also affect your sleep cycle as well, that is the circadian rhythm.

Remedies To Prevent The Cause

The best way to prevent blue light is to decrease the use of digital screens, but that is not really possible in the current situation with anti-blue light glasses, you can even get your blue light glasses in the UK.

These glasses help in blocking 100% blue lights emitted from the digital screens actively, making it a much safer user experience for you. The use of these glasses has increased more than ever before with the advent of the pandemic; they can be easily added to prescription and non-prescription glasses.

And they are not limited to a few people who are working. Moreover, they are very much important for the children as well, who are spending the majority of their time studying from the screen.

It is also advised to avoid using screens before sleeping so that it doesn’t hamper your sleep cycle or you can switch to night mode while using the phone at night.

Benefits Of Using Blue Light Glasses

  • When you start using these glasses, you will automatically experience a decrease in strain and fatigue in the eyes.
  • Decrease in the number of headaches caused by the constant exposure to blue light.
  • One must not forget to blink eyes; it will prevent dry eyes.
  • It automatically increases productivity, as all the negatives have been eliminated by using blue light glasses.