Bluetooth Headset

With the popularity of smart phones, Bluetooth headsets have become popular. Compared with the past, Bluetooth headsets are no longer a niche choice. More and more people will choose a Bluetooth headset. There is no need to worry about the length or the damage of the earphone cord. Today’s Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more intelligent. Different gestures can complete different instructions. Technology has changed our lives once again.

In addition to daily use, Bluetooth headsets have become the first choice for many sports enthusiasts. Wired headphones have performed poorly in sports. Many consumers find wired headphones cumbersome when exercising. Although wired headphones are not easy to lose, it reduces the sports experience. The Bluetooth headset perfectly solves this problem. Without the interference of rope, the process of sports becomes more wonderful.

There are many Bluetooth headsets on the market. The price of Bluetooth headsets ranges from low to high. Dazzling array of products make people conspicuous. How to choose a Bluetooth headset suitable has become a big problem for sports enthusiasts.

At present, there are professional sports Bluetooth headsets and ordinary Bluetooth headsets on the market. Compared with ordinary headsets, the former pay more attention to sports performance. For example, waterproof performance, anti-drop earplug design, etc. Don’t worry that the earphone will be damaged by sweat. Or the earphone will fall off during exercise, interrupting the exercise. Although ordinary Bluetooth headsets can be used during exercise, they have the above risks. After all, no one wants to lose a pair of headphones.

When selecting, you can choose from the aspects of anti-drop, endurance, Sports Bluetooth Earphones price, etc.

Bluetooth Headset

Anti-drop include popular single-point positioning technologies such as shark fin and horn support. This is the fixing technology that many manufacturers will choose to enable headphones’ fixity. There are also some manufacturers that have developed fixed technologies with their own characteristics. In this way, you don’t have to worry about losing your headphones during exercise for a long time. And advanced technology represents high prices.

Endurance is something that must be considered during sports. No one likes sports in halfway, the music stops. Some Bluetooth headsets can last as long as seven or eight hours. Although some sports Bluetooth headsets do not last so long, they have their own charging compartments. There is no need to worry about the embarrassment of power failure outside. You can choose according to your own needs.

Waterproofness may not be so important to some users. However, for some people who need outdoor activities or exercise a lot. The waterproof level is a part of the consideration. Different waterproof levels can allow headphones to be used in different scenes.

There are great differences in Sports Bluetooth Earphones price and styles of various brands. I hope everyone can buy their favorite headphones.

Is a Slick Tile Synthetic Ice

Out of all of the high-quality hockey flooring types that are available out there on the market today, synthetic ice is by far the best choice for hockey players that want to practice ice skating. Unless you have an ice rink made out of real ice, there are not many more options out there to go with. Lots of people in these crazy times of this pandemic are looking for ways to practice hockey moves at home. There are many products out there that can help people do that, but what ones are best for what? As the term “Slick tiles” becomes more popular among hockey players, there seems to be a little confusion as to exactly what they are. Although they are an amazing alternative to practice hockey moves on, they are not synthetic ice. Believe it or not, slick tiles are actually dryland hockey flooring tiles that mimic ice in a way that allows the puck to slide across the surface much like it would on ice. As for ice skates, however, not such a good idea.

Dryland Hockey Flooring

Dryland hockey flooring, or, slick tiles are made out of the same kind of polymer as synthetic ice, but it is designed in a different manner. The small tiles are engineered in order to be placed in smaller areas that don’t need a lot of room. They are designed mainly for shooting and stickhandling practice, however, they are built so that people can rollerblade on them and practice hockey on wheels. They are slick and allow for pucks to glide across the surface just like they would on ice. However, if you try to use ice skates on them you will be in danger of damaging the tiles…and yourself.

Synthetic Ice Flooring

Synthetic ice was engineered in order to allow people to ice skate on. When it came out, originally in the 1950s it was made specifically for ice skaters, and not for hockey. As time moved by and technology began to get evolve, synthetic ice became more and more like real ice. In the present day, synthetic ice is used widely for a variety of different reasons, but a lot of people use it for hockey. It is easy to install, it does not melt, and does not need any special handling requirements. It can also be installed and applied in smaller areas because it can be built in square foot tiles that fit in close places.

Slick Tiles and Synthetic Ice

Slick tiles and synthetic ice are both great flooring solutions. It all depends on what your needs are to determine which is right for you. As mentioned above, if you want to ice skate you have to use synthetic ice because you can’t ice skate on dryland flooring. If you want to practice shots, stickhandling, and other hockey moves without ice skates, slick tiles are great. They call them slick because that is exactly what they are. The pucks glide across the surface much as they would glide on a real ice rink. There may be a little bit of a drag, but not enough to make a huge difference. Both slick tiles and synthetic ice flooring panels are tough and built to last for many years to come even if they are used for daily practice sessions.


Although slick tiles and synthetic ice are very similar in many ways, they are very much different. Whichever one that works best for your needs will be the one that will work best for you. As long as you continue to practice and work on your skills, you will be moving forward and into the champion that you are working to become. Keep practicing, and push yourself every day.

Secondary Education

The Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education is a state-level board examination conducted in the state of Chhattisgarh, India. The board was formed by the Chhattisgarh Government School Education Department to improve the quality of education in the state. The board was set up under the Act 1965 (No-23) on 20th of January 2001. Here, we have provided complete detail about the Chhattisgarh Board. It will help students, parents and teachers to get complete information about the Chhattisgarh Board Secondary Education at one place.

About Chhattisgarh Board

CGBSE stands for Chhattisgarh Board Secondary Education. Its headquarter is in Raipur, and it has four divisional offices. These offices are located in different places in Chhattisgarh. CGBSE has started conducting board examinations independently from the year 2002. The board was constituted to develop and promote secondary education within the state. More than 8 lakh students register for the CG board examinations every year.

Main Function Of The Board

One of the primary roles of CGBSE is to conduct the board examination for class 10 and 12 students. There are various other roles and responsibilities of the board mentioned as follows:

1) It conducts High School / Higher Secondary / Higher Secondary Vocational / Physical Training Journalism Certificate Examination and D. Ed. for the students.

2) It directs and instructs the government for the preparation of textbooks based on the latest syllabus for the Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education.

3) The board recognizes the high school and higher secondary schools located in Chhattisgarh.

4) The board is responsible for taking all the necessary steps to provide quality education in the state by raising the level of Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education.

5) The board encourages the teachers to deliver a good quality of education and inspire the students for learning and other curricular activities.

List Of Exams Conducted By Board

The board conduct the following level of examinations:

  • High School (Regular / Self-employed / Professional)
  • Higher Secondary (Regular / Self-study)
  • Higher Secondary Professional (Regular / Self-employed)
  • Diploma in Education (Regular / Correspondence) Biennial Course (after passing Higher Secondary)
  • Diploma in Physical Education (Regular / Correspondence) Biennial Course (after passing Higher Secondary)

Secondary Education

The board has its official website where students can get all the details related to the academics. They can view the website in Hindi and English language. Students will get the complete information such as syllabus, unit-wise syllabus, teaching plan, blue print, question paper scheme, evaluation plan, sample question paper, sample answer, question paper of the year 2020 etc., on the board’s website. CGBSE has made all this study material for free downloading so that students can easily prepare for their exams. They can take the help of these study resources and can plan their studies in advance. They can practice well for the board exam by solving the previous years’ question paper and sample papers. Students can refer to the blueprint and sample answers to know the answer writing skill in the exam so as to score high marks.

Like Chhattisgarh board, there are various other state education boards in India. One of them is BSE Odisha board which is the Board of Secondary Education Odisha. Students are advised to go through all the details of the board before taking admission in it. Also, they should check out the curriculum details such as textbooks, prescribed syllabus, etc., at the beginning of the academic year.



The traders will always find the best stock that is providing good revenue in the present and also in the future. According to many of the expert advice, it is better to make the investment in the AAPL stock. This is the stock from the company called the apple. It has a multinational business that is providing high-quality products and other services. Even though the expensive products, the value of the product will be known to the customers. This is the reason that most of the people are looking for the products of this company and also the revenue of the company is growing a lot.

Results Of The Fourth-Quarter Earnings

In September month, the company has announced the earnings report for the fourth quarter. In it, it has indicated that the revenue of the company has increased a lot, which is about a two percent increment. The zacks consensus estimate of the AAPL stock is available, and according to this estimation, 0.69 dollars per share will come to the company. But after the announcement of the result, the company has told that it has surpassed the estimation value, and so the present earnings of the share are 73 cents per share. This kind of improvement and the surpassing features is not the first time here as the company has done this achievement already four times. The total revenue that this company has got is 64.7 billion dollars. This means that comparing the market capitalization, the number of shares, and the other things, it is the better choice for the investors to look forward to the best trading. The quarter results do not contain the revenue of the iPhone 12 selling process. This means that without the inclusion of the iPhone selling record, the company has outperformed other companies and become the top one in the revenue list.

Technical Forecast

In the last week, the AAPL stock has gained three percent of the increment. This means that the profit is higher than the last trading day. Also, the new investors should be alert, as this will cause some amount of fluctuation in the upcoming days. It is the buying option for the investors as this is providing a good average. The investors will find only a few risks during trading times. The iPhone sales in recent times that too the latest version have found a little bit of the drop, but in the future, the apple inc company will compensate for it. You can check its releases at if you want to buy its stock.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

Car Electronics – The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Whether you’re searching for a holiday present, a graduation gift, or a birthday present, at times it seems impossible to get the right gift. Either your friend is too picky, or your mother-in-law already has everything, and you can just feel stuck when it comes to finding a gift they’ll like. Now, it may sound a little strange, but why don’t you buy them aftermarket car electronics? Even if the proposed recipient of this present isn’t into window rattling bass or iPod integration systems, numerous types of mobile electronics are guaranteed to fit the bill for just about everybody in your life. Bathroom Sink set is the One-stop solution for your bathroom. And unlike a box of chocolates or a dull gift card, aftermarket systems such as in-car GPS, vehicle security alerts, or even backup cameras are gifts that keep on giving. So if you’re looking for a gift for Christmas, birthdays, or pretty much any other event, and the person on your list owns a car or truck, keep reading for great ideas that are guaranteed to please, the car also need the light.

Car Alarms

At first glance, a car alarm may not look like the most suitable thing to give as a Christmas present, but when you begin to think about it, who wouldn’t need the peace of mind a car security system can offer. Whether you live in a metropolitan area or your area has more of a suburban feel, automobile theft is an unfortunate fact of life, and it can happen to anybody. Giving the gift of a car alarm can provide your loved one using the stress-free knowledge that their car is safeguarded from ill-intentioned miscreants. And with car security alarm models which range from bare-bones to all the bells and whistles, there’s sure to be a choice that suits your desired budget.


Especially perfect for frequent road trippers and individuals whose sense of direction is somewhat lacking, giving a car navigation GPS is a fantastic present which will help get your loved one from point A to point B without the hassle. Offered in mobile models or as a fully installed in-dash navigation system, auto GPS comes in a variety of different price points as well as with several features. Just think: who hasn’t gotten lost in an unfamiliar place or had to stop to ask for directions at least once in their life? When you give the gift of a GPS navigation system, you make it easy for the driver to reach their destination without the stress.

Car electronics: how much more complexity can we handle? | Quantitative  Complexity Management

Backup Cameras

Backup cameras provide peace of mind by helping prevent injuries: Since they display a picture of what’s behind the vehicle, there’s no more reversing into the neighbour’s mailbox, traffic, or even passing pedestrians. Backup camera installation can be surprisingly non-invasive using a license plate frame mounted camera, and even with integrated systems, the benefits far outweigh the installation drawbacks. Helping keep your loved one safe now and well down the road, a rearview camera is a gift that shows you truly care.

So if you’re stumped about what to get for this important gift-giving event, don’t just settle for another dull gift card. Give your friend or family member a gift that will bring them great benefits well into the future: Whether you select a portable car GPS, a flexible vehicle security alarm clock, or a fully integrated backup camera system, they’re sure to appreciate these aftermarket car electronics. Contact your local car audio store to learn more about affordable, sure-to-please gift-giving options.


Paralegals are sometimes considered the lawyers’ assistants. However, a paralegal’s job requires a high level of preparation and professionalism to achieve the desired goals, and no one can deny the importance of a paralegals duty. A paralegal carries out many administrative activities and tasks in any specialized law firm. Paralegals must always benefit from a standard level of competence for their job. Paralegals Toronto work under the Law Society’s supervision and follow the Law Society Paralegal Rules of conduct.

The Paralegal Rules of Conduct clarifies the paralegals’ responsibilities related to the terms of competency, professionalism, and honesty. Confidentiality with clients is an essential characteristic of paralegals. Paralegals must also report the Law Society misconduct like when a licensed lawyer or paralegal or a legal service organization or corporation breaks the Law Society rules.

Legal document preparation is usually one of the paralegals’ duties. They also do research precedents in some cases. Supporting a standard procedure or managing a defense plan in a court are among other paralegals’ tasks. We should also note that a paralegal must be licensed to represent their clients in a legal procedure such as a court.

Although Ontario, Toronto paralegals are allowed for law practice, there are some restrictions for them. They can help their clients in small claim courts, minor provincial offenses, labour law issues, etc. Paralegals are not permitted to represent their clients in cases related to federal crimes, inheritances, and family courts. In all the mentioned cases, a licensed lawyer is needed to interfere.

Paralegals must professionally interact with their clients and cope with all their duties. As we have mentioned above, sometimes a paralegal does office activities and paperwork, such as a witness interview, maintaining records of different cases and clients, and document filing.

Paralegals and lawyers somehow require similar degrees and the state of professionalism to start working. A person who wants to become a paralegal possesses at least a law bachelor’s degree. It is also essential for a paralegal to be aware of legal principles and procedures. Good educational background is always a necessity. Besides, being experienced is vital for a paralegal, so they pass required trainee and internship courses to get experienced in their job.

All paralegals are always under the Law Society’s supervision, and it makes the clients sure that they have an acceptable professional competence, educational background, and experience.


What Skills Does a Paralegal Need?

Paralegals should be excellent in communicating with people since they must present the information to others professionally and flawlessly. A paralegal needs to be capable of doing useful research and solving the most challenging problems. Computer skills are typically required for a qualified paralegal. Besides all these skills, paralegals must be responsible and honest toward their clients as morality is sometimes more important than anything else.

A Paralegal Primary Tasks

Paralegals gather all the required information for different cases. They also prepare legal documents and affidavits for their clients.

Are Hockey Floor Tiles Any Good?

There seems to be a lot of talk about hockey floor tiles these days, but are they any good? We can give you the rundown on how they work and the different things that you can do with them, and you can come to your own conclusions. As for them being any good; absolutely they are terrific and could be a great investment for anybody that wants to train to be a champion.

Slick Tiles vs. Synthetic Ice

Before we get too far into this topic, let’s get a couple of things straight. Hockey flooring is not all the same. Slick tiles, also known as dryland hockey flooring, are not the same as synthetic ice. Synthetic ice is made for ice skates, dryland tiles are not. Both surfaces are a lot like real ice, but they are not a lot alike. Synthetic ice comes in panels that are around two feet by four feet in size a piece, and dryland tiles come in one by one square shapes that are much easier to install and can fit into much tighter spaces. Both are very good tools and can be an essential part of strengthening your game, but they are different.

Slick Tiles Also Known As Dryland Tiles

Slick tiles, also known as dryland hockey tiles are made to be as slick and smooth as regular ice on a hockey rink. Although you can’t use ice skates on them, they are smooth enough to practice passing and shooting as well as stickhandling drills. They seamlessly connect together with specially engineered edges so that there will not be any resistance on the flooring when you take shots with the puck. Many dedicated hockey professionals practice on a regular basis with dryland flooring and a shooting tarp. The best part about the tiles is that they are not difficult to assemble and you don’t have to have a lot of room to use them.

Synthetic Ice Panels

Synthetic ice panels allow you to build your own lifelike hockey rink. The flooring is so similar to real ice that you will only have a small difficulty getting used to it. Although it is near the same, there is a little bit more resistance when you skate on it because of the way they are made. You can build a small area and build up to a large area over time because of the way that the panels hook together. Sniper’s Edge Hockey synthetic ice is the best kind on the market because of the quality that goes into them.

Practice And Real Games

Although on tiles you have to use rollerblades or shoes, and on synthetic ice, you can only use ice skates both types of flooring are great for practice and games. Either flooring will allow you to shoot goals and have a smooth surface for the puck to glide across. Whether you are passing with a team or using a puck rebounder to practice shots your efforts will be just as good as if you were playing on real ice. If you are a serious hockey player and want to stay on top of your game, hockey floor tiles are definitely worth the investment.

Registration Of A Private Company: Legal Definition

Startups are booming across the country, and a large proportion of the workforce is more interested in setting up their own business. There are various types of companies, but the most popular of them is a private limited company. It is held by private stakeholders. The liability of a shareholder is limited to the number of shares held by him and cannot be held liable more than the share he holds. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs are opting for registration of a Private Company.

According to the constitution of India, Section 2(68) of the companies act, 2013, a private limited company is defined as “a company with the minimum paid-up share capital of one lakh rupees or higher as may be prescribed.” Further, it provides that:

  • there is a restriction in transferring its shares
  • its members are limited to two hundred, except in One Person Company
  • prohibits any invitation to the public to subscribe for any securities of the company.

Requirements For Registration Of A Private Company

Following are listed the requirements that a company needs to fulfill to get registered:

  • The number of members should be at least 2 and must not exceed 200.
  • Directors must have a DIN authorized by the Ministry of Corporate affairs.
  • Must have at least 1 Resident director.
  • Should have a registered office address.
  • Name of the company with ‘private limited company’ and activity to be carried out.

Perks Of Forming A Private Limited Company

The reason to set up a Private Limited Company over other types is that it offers several advantages. These benefits are listed below:

  • Liability is limited, and thus shareholders do not have any risk of losing their private assets.
  • A private limited company can be started with only two members.
  • Shares can be sold or transferred to other shareholders.
  • A private limited company is a legal entity and remains functioning even after the demise of a member.

If you are interested in forming a private limited company but you are not legally profound in India Company Incorporation policies, reach out to 3E Accounting India. We have a dedicated team with ample experience and legal knowledge required to help you through the company registration process. Email us or call us to talk to our consultants to learn more about setting up a Pvt. Ltd. company.

10 Home Office Ideas To Inspire Productivity And Creativity

Work from home has become the new normal, meaning you all need a dedicated work space in the home. A space free from all the distractions, where you can work in peace. Also, the home office should be a place that inspires productivity and gives a boost to creativity. Whether you are eager to turn a room in your home into your office or already have a space for working that you wish to remodel, we have ideas for you.

Designing ideas for home office differs from person to person. Some like it simple, while others like it a bit trendy; just like their profession. So, we have made an effort to include design ideas for every taste and as many as we could, so you can find the ones that best work with your space and nature.

  • Hang a Shelf Directly Above The Table: If you want to make your working table look bigger and broader, expand it by adding a sleek shelf at an eye-level just above the table. Wooden shelf is recommended because of the rustic charm. Decorate the shelf as you like, put up quotes, display artworks, or use it as the place to store your gadgets and other essentials.
  • Decorate With Greenery: Infuse breath into your home office by decorating it with plants.  Having plants around is also beneficial in boosting productivity, enhancing your mood, and helping you work dedicatedly. Assuming you have a garden with a lounge area, you may use the outdoors as a refreshing place to relax and energize you while you work. For example, the homes in Portofino South have Italian-style courtyards with various pruned greenery. These outdoor areas are perfect for residents to take a break from their usual indoor work setup. Now, as per the location of your office, you can choose indoor plants for officeIf it is a well-lit room, then line the window sills with sun-loving plants like Kalanchoe, Garden Croton, Ponytail palm, etc. If you want low-maintenance plants, go with succulents, air-purifying snake or spider plants.
  • Optimize The Space: Working in a cluttered office is not good. Always keep your home office organized, whatever is the space requirement. If it’s a big room, not make it messy by adding unnecessary things. Even if it’s small, implement design ideas that make it look organized. Put up cabinets and organizers in the room to hide all the clutter and make it look good. Put up cabinets that go up to the ceiling in the corners or hang wire racks on the wall, etc.
  • Add Metallic Accents: Modernize your home office look by incorporating many gold, silver, and rose gold accent pieces. Think of table lamps, plant misters, trash bins, plant vases, or any decor item. If you are using plant vases, bring indoors lucky plant for money like Money plant, Jade plant, Lucky Bamboo to attract prosperity.
  • Minimalistic and Contrasting Tones: If you are a minimalistic person, then let your personality shine through your home office decor. Go minimal with your decorating. A white desk with a contrasting antique chair. A wall hanging above the desk, a cabinet, trash bin, and a potted plant in the corner is all you need. Make sure the colours of all the accessories in your room are a bit contrasting to each other, like choose warm and cool tones.
  • Have a Cork Wall: If you do not want pin-up boards or cabinets in your office. Then, have a dedicated cork wall. Then pin calendars, notes, to-do-lists, important receipts, and some photographs and quotes on it.
  • Bring a Pop Of Colour: Make a statement by adding one coloured piece, like a bright coloured desk chair. If everything in the room is white, black or brown, add coloured table lamps, or maybe have coloured walls with monochromatic furniture.
  • Lit it Up: Office space that is well lit, breathable, airy, and spacious tends to do the magic.Natural light makes space look bigger. Put curtains or blinds on the window. Whenever you need light, roll them up. You can also use fogged window film and then roll up the blinds. Then, keep the furniture in the room that’s needed. Use colours that make it look bright and big.
  • Paint The Wall Bold: Paint the focal wall of your office in a bold colour. It could be the wall behind your desk or opposite wall. Choose a colour that best goes with your accessories in the room.
  • Coordinated rug and curtains: Style your room with patterns or colours by adding coordinating rugs and draperies. Then, dress up the room with decorative elements in the same hues.

Which one did you like the most?

Revised Class 12 Economics Syllabus For 2020-21

Have you gone through the class 12 Economics Syllabus? If not, you should immediately check out the class 12 syllabus. The class 12 syllabus offers you a wide range of topics. The central board of secondary education prepares this syllabus.

This guide here will offer you complete details about your class 12 economics subject.

The entire class 12 economics syllabus segments into three parts. It includes parts A, B, and Part C. below table will show you an overview of the class 12 economics syllabus.

If you are a student reading class 12th, you should check out the complete syllabus before joining any 12th commerce tuition classes.

Parts Name of the parts Marks Periods
Part A Introductory macroeconomics    
  National income and related aggregates 10 28
  Money and banking 6 15
  Determination of income and employment 12 27
  Government budget and economy 6 15
  Balance of payments 6 15
Part B Indian Economic development    
  Development experience (1947-90) and economic reference since 1991 12 28
  Current challenges in Indian Economy 22 60
  Development experience with India-A comparing with neighbors 06 12
  Theory paper 40 1000
Part C Project work 20 20

Detail Information On Class 12 Syllabus

Part A Introductory Macroeconomics

Unit-1 National Income And Related Aggregates

In this section, you will analyze the fundamental concepts in macroeconomics. It includes consumption of goods, capital goods, final goods, intermediate goods, and many more.

Further, you will also read about the circular flow of income, calculating national income, product method, expenditure method, and income method.

Aggregates related to national income.

In this part, you will explore how to calculate the gross national product. You will also know how to evaluate the gross and net domestic product.

kerala literacy rate: At 96.2%, Kerala tops literacy rate chart; Andhra  Pradesh worst performer at 66.4% - The Economic Times

Unit-2- Money Banking

In this unit, you learn about the meaning and supply of money. You will learn about the amount of currency held by the public, and net demands deposits held by different banks.

Moving on, you will also come across money creation by the commercial banking system. You will know about the central banks and their functions.

You will learn about the bank of issue, government bank, CRR, SLR, the repo rate, reverse repo rate, open market operation, and many more.

Unit- 3- Determination Of Income And Employment

In this unit, you will learn about aggregate demand and its component. You will also learn about the propensity to consume and save. Besides, you will also learn about excess demand, deficient demand, and measures to correct them.

Unit-4- Government Budget And Economy

This unit will teach you about government budget, classification of receipts, measures of government deficits, and many more.

Unit-5-Balance Of Payments

In this unit, you will understand the balance of payments account, Foreign exchange rates, and the methods of determining the exchange rates.

Part B- Indian Economic Development

This part has three units. In the sixth unit, you will learn about Development experience (1947-90) and economic reference since 1991. Similarly, in the seventh unit, you will read about Current challenges in the Indian Economy. And in the last unit of the Class 12 Economics Syllabus, you will read about the Development experience with India-A comparing with neighbors.

Wrapping up, this is all about the class 12 economics syllabus. If you are reading in class 12th, you should complete the whole syllabus to obtain good marks in your board exam.