The Right Way To Hike With Your Dog

The Right Way To Hike With Your Dog

Hiking through the woods is a great activity for people and their pets. It is also a good way to combine recreation and physical exercise which can help to keep both you and your dog in shape physically and mentally. Whether you are planning a long or short hiking trip, it is important to get yourself and your pet prepared to ensure an enjoyable experience for both of you.

The Right Way To Hike With Your Dog


Before starting a hiking trip, make sure that the trail is safe for pets. Contact the park rangers or local authorities to find out whether you can bring your dog with you. Your dog should wear a tag, which contains contact information, such as pet owner’s name, email, and phone number. The collar should also be comfortable and not too tight, so your dog doesn’t have trouble moving and breathing. If you are preparing to hike in a rugged terrain, bring along a durable and strong nylon lead. Don’t overfeed your dog before the trip because it may cause upset stomach and cramps. Alternatively, bring enough water and calorie-rich treats to keep your dog hydrated and energised. Prepare a first aid kit and learn how to treat basic injuries.

During The Hike

When hiking, make sure to keep your dog on a lead, especially on rugged terrain with cliffs and ravines. It is recommended that your dog is well behaved and professionally trained before hiking. Contact a dog trainer or dog Behaviourist before your hike to ensure that your dog is ready. There were cases of lost dogs on hiking trips, because owners think that their pets will not stray too far. If your dog is very curious and tends to check things out, he could get distracted easily. Stop hiking if the dog looks tired or overheated. If you continue walking, your dog could be affected by heat stroke, which is potentially fatal.

After The Hike

When you get home, it is a good idea to give your dog a proper tick treatment. Even if your dog doesn’t seem to have ticks, a few may have jumped onto his skin during the hiking trip. Ticks can be potentially dangerous, especially because they are sometimes not noticeable. Avoid using low quality flea or tick treatments that have low effectiveness in eradicating those small critters.

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