Wedding Crafted With A Modern Approach To Traditional Grandeur.

Wedding Crafted With A Modern Approach To Traditional Grandeur.

The start of a new chapter in your life begins with your wedding. Trends and styles may come and go, but there are some aspects of wedding preparation that you cannot avoid. A wedding is the union of two families as well as two people. With the changing trends, everyone arrived at a point where youngsters are forcing a lot of change in the wedding business, and they are doing it in a big way. And in today’s world, couples are looking for innovative methods to celebrate this special day with their loved ones while also making it memorable. Here you view a wedding crafted with a modern approach to traditional grandeur:

Wedding Planning

The couple wanted a traditional wedding honouring their history while reflecting their modern values and tastes. Marriage will bring colour to the idea of life. In recent events planned by wedding event planner in delhi, 80% of people are crafted with a modern approach to traditional grandeur. The bride gave their team full creative freedom to develop, plan, and coordinate every side of the celebrations, and they amazingly crafted colourful, original themes and decor for each gathering.

A Heart-Touching Speech

Everyone likes to hear good words about them. On the way, you can arrange for a speech at your wedding ceremony. A moving, lovely speech can be a genuine threat to the heart of the wedding couple. You have probably seen it in the movies, where the groom’s father gives a touching speech about the couple. This is something you think should become a trend. Do this at your wedding to make it a memorable one.

Add A Combination Of Traditional And Modern Music

If you are having your wedding in a traditional setting, you might feel pressured to choose traditional music during the ceremony. However, there is no reason you can’t also play some of your favourite music.

The beauty of today is that you can choose the song you want to walk down the aisle to and which song you want to dance to at your reception. Take advantage of what modern times offer, including anything from traditional string quartets to DJs. It is best if you can personalise your ceremony as much as possible.

Bouquet Toss

In the western world, the bouquet toss is a popular pastime. Distracted by the groom, the bride is surrounded by all the single ladies. She then throws the bouquet into the air, and whoever catches it is teased about being the next to marry if you want to see this practice implemented at the Indian weddings because everyone likes it this way.


The colourful Mehndi ceremony took place in a magnificent bridal lounge with comfortable corners and beautiful decorations. A vibrant pink flower backdrop framed the seating, enhanced with a mix of textures and designs and plush tuberose flower arrangements for a liberal dose of elegance.


You may know that flower is an important part of every wedding. Flowers, like traditions, are timeless. A carefully made floral backdrop representing birds and lotus flowers with peripheral blooms, elegant white vases, and bold printed pieces in a charming pink palette conjured an appealing image for the bride’s Poorvangam rite. This will add beauty to the background of the stage and also the entire hall.

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Arrange For A Mixture Of Traditional And Modern Food

Food is an important part of practically every culture on earth, and each country has a traditional dish and style of food frequently featured in wedding receptions. Including some traditional meals in your wedding menu can be a wonderful way to pay respect to your culture, family, and history.

You can make your food a little more modern by presenting it alongside some more current wedding meals, such as a sweet table piled high with trendy desserts. You might even have a reception buffet with a mix of traditional cultural meals and more on trend delicacies like pizza or French fries.

Nichiyadhartham and Muhurtham

The traditional red wedding decor was given a modern makeover with a whimsical rose garden-inspired decor of limitless blooms. A stunning backdrop of red roses, further enhanced by a cloud of mogras, side art walls with distinct images of lotus ponds, and a lush green column of foliage and flowers winding itself around the mandap made a powerful statement. The arrangement will add a stunning look to your wedding.

Invite Your Parents Wedding Guests

Although this is not always possible for people getting married far away from home, including some of your parent’s guests in the ceremony will offer extra meaning. There are likely people who meant a lot to your family in the past and who you still know well and would like to include in your wedding in some way. You can invite them to the ceremony and greet them at the reception in the evening. In addition, it will be a lovely way to repay those who have been so kind to you.

Bottom Line

Today’s young brides are open to new experiences. So, if you are a bride-to-be, don’t be shy. Embrace the occasion and create lifelong memories. If you want to add the above-listed things to your wedding, you can contact a Concept Conference Pvt. Ltd who is well trained in arranging wedding plans and decorative ideas. Also, they will provide you with a professional service.