7 Signs That Hint You Need to Upgrade To A Dedicated Server

7 Signs That Hint You Need to Upgrade To A Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is the most powerful web hosting server offering maximum control over the hosting environment. However, a Dedicated Hosting plan is also costlier than other hosting plans. Hence, before buying a Dedicated Server Web Hosting plan, it is important to ensure that you need one and that other plans like VPS Hosting or Cloud Hosting will not meet your site’s requirements.

However, since web hosting is technical and, most site owners are not technical experts, making this determination can be difficult. Today, we will share seven signs that indicate that you need to upgrade to a Dedicated Hosting Server.

Before we proceed, let us look at the meaning of Dedicated Servers in the following video:

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

When Should You Move to a Dedicated Server?

1: Site Traffic

When you buy a hosting plan, you consider the expected traffic and account for a certain rate of growth based on your industry and expansion plans. However, your site has grown exponentially and receives visitors that require an entire web server. This is an indication that you might want to migrate to a Dedicated Linux Server or Windows Server.

2: Security

Since an entire web server is used by a website, Dedicated Hosting is one of the most secure hosting services available. Hence, if you are facing problems with your current hosting plan and realize that a shared server is not what you are comfortable with, then Dedicated Servers should be considered.

3: Customization

While a virtual server offers a high degree of customizability, a Dedicated Server offers maximum control. Since you are the sole user of the webserver, you can make any changes to it to customize it as per the requirements of your business and website. With the isolated environment of a Dedicated Server, you can make full use of the server root access.

4: Loading Time

Cloud & VPS Hosting plans are known to offer fast-loading websites. Also, you can use CDNs or caching software to boost site speed. However, ultimately, the speed and performance of a website depend on the availability of resources. With a Dedicated Server plan, you are not sharing resources with any user, which allows you to have a blazing-fast website.

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5: Accommodates Growth

Most hosting plans on shared servers offer different options to scale up resources if needed. However, since the server is shared, there is a limit to which the resources can be increased. Beyond that, you would need a Dedicated Server.

6: Custom Programming

A shared server will offer limited options for custom programming. However, with a Dedicated Server, you can choose the hardware you want and the software you need, along with custom programming options based on the site experience that you want to create.

7: Uptime

A Dedicated Server is one of the most reliable options for ensuring maximum uptime of a website. It allows you to schedule downtimes for maintenance based on the traffic load of your site. This is not possible on a shared server since multiple users are involved.

Summing Up

For a website to successfully represent your brand and the quality of services offered by you, it needs to provide an uninterrupted and memorable site experience. If you feel that your site is falling short for any reason, then you must investigate it and ensure that you have an optimally performing site.

The points mentioned above can help you identify if you need a Dedicated Server or if you should look for a VPS/Cloud Hosting plan or probably try changing the hosting provider. Assess your site’s performance and decide judiciously. Good Luck!